Thursday, February 17, 2011

How I Discovered Plushies

Hello! It's me again. Last time, in my very first post, I told you a little bit about myself and about plushpussycat. You know, I didn't even know that plushies existed until summer of 2010 when I saw and picked up my first issue of Stuffed magazine:

Wow! I was hooked big-time! Who knew there was this whole plush world out there?! Plush animals, plush food, plush people, plush monsters, plush household implements--the possibilities were endless! From there, I picked up a copy of Kristen Rask's book Plush You! (I copied this picture of the book from,

Plush You!: Lovable Misfit Toys to Sew and Stuff

which showcases the work of plush artists who have been featured in her show of the same name. By October, my husband and I traveled to Seattle to see the show, which celebrates the work of plush artists from all over the world (nice vacation that was!), and to meet Kristen herself.

All I can say is, hooked, hooked, hooked! The world of plush is so fun and creative. At this point, I was ready to start creating my own plushies. More about that in my next post.... xoxo Jennifer

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