Sunday, February 20, 2011

My First Creations (Part 2)

After making my first plushy, a cute banana slug, I got the idea for making (don't laugh!) a worm (OK, you can laugh!) from Sew Me, Love Me: Best Stuffed Friends to Make by Hsiu-Lan Kuei:

Isn't that a sweet title? I fell for so many of the critters in her book, including her worm. I ended up making mine an oversized worm, because that worked better for the recycled cotton terrycloth towel I used for my project:

My worm has a girlfriend too!

Both are made from the same recycled terrycloth towel (does that make them Twin Rays?). He's the one with a goatee and a red heart on his chest, and she's the one with the punk hairdo and a hot pink heart on her chest. They both have reclaimed vintage pipe cleaners inside them, so they are posable/contort-able!

OK, next post I'll show you the kinds of projects I'm currently working on. Until then.... xoxo Jennifer


  1. love the worms too. You are very creative Jennifer. No wonder you are having so much fun doing this..

  2. Thanks, Sketchcat! I appreciate it! xoxo Jennifer


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