Monday, March 7, 2011

Conclusion: Houndstooth Puppy and Raccoon

Why did Raccoon steal Houndstooth Pup's bicycle? And where did he take it? These are a couple of the unanswered questions from my previous post, New Puppy! Here's what really happened. Raccoon thought he was just borrowing the bicycle for a little joyride. He hopped on Houndstooth Pup's bicycle and rode around and around the park. What fun! He didn't have a bicycle of his own. He felt so free!

After a few minutes, though, he started riding back toward his new friend Houndstooth Pup. His new friend looked so sad. Why was he so sad? Raccoon wondered. He stopped right in front of Houndstooth Pup, jumped off the bike, and said, "That was great! Thanks for loaning me your bicycle, Houndstooth!"

At that moment, Houndstooth and Racoon were happy, feeling that everything was OK between them again.

Here's a photograph showing the two friends arm in arm:

How lucky they feel to have made friends. Now off they go to make some mischief. Until next time.... xoxo Jennifer


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