Friday, March 18, 2011

Cute New Puppy Plushy!

There's a new cute puppy plushy in our home. He traveled all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to Portland, Oregon! Actually, I was on a trip to Arizona this last week, and I took one of those cute felt plushy kits with me, the same brand of kit I used to make Raccoon. I made this puppy over a few days in fits and spurts when I had free time. Ta-da!

He's a pretty cute little guy, huh? I changed the belly fabric on this plushy, just like I did on Raccoon. The belly fabric that came with the kit looked a little cheap, IMHO! And here's his behind:

Raccoon really took to this new cute puppy (by the way, his name is Spot!). Raccoon and Spot had some adventures together in Arizona, including a "spiritual experience." Oh, maybe now I've told too much! Keep your eyes posted for the next installment of the story! Until next time.... xoxo Jennifer


  1. So cute!!
    I love your lightbox tutorial too..

  2. Spot is adorable! xo

    Ps. I LOVE teh Muppets.

  3. Bitterbetty and Little Jackrabbits, thank you so much! I so appreciate your comments! :-)


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