Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Cute Plushies!

Yesterday I found a few more cute plushy pictures on my computer while I was learning how to use Picasa to edit photos.

She's a cute little one, huh? I guess mice eat more than cheese, right? This is how we found her, hanging out in the collard greens. But once she spent some time at our place for a while, she got a taste for cakes and icecream cones--yumm!

And now for some kitty plushy photos that I'd forgotten about:

Here's Tomcat plushy again, with flowers, although this time he's on his own, not yet having presented the flowers to Plushpussycat at their picnic date. And here's Plushpussycat just before that fateful first date:

She's just a doll, huh?! No wonder Tomcat's whiskers get all jumbled up when he thinks about her (see above)!

OK, now I have some news. :-) I'm working on some bunny plushies to share with you soon. So stay tuned here for my next installment: Cute Bunny Plushies! Until then.... xoxo Jennifer


  1. I love the mouse nose. Bop!

  2. Hi supahfresh! Thanks for visiting and for the comment. Let's be friends! ;-)


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