Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Bear!

My newest creation is a cute bear plushy:

Here's a rear view of the little cuddly guy:

He is made from a felted lambswool and angora sweater for his body, soft felted wool for his snout, soft wool for his scarf, embroidery floss, and ecological bamboo fiberfill. He measures approximately 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide. He is soooo soft and cuddly! I call him Papa Bear, and he has a little toddler bear under his care that I call Baby Bear.

Before a full afternoon of play, Baby Bear needed to go to the bathroom. Baby Bear is just a toddler, so Papa Bear coaches him on how to use the toilet. "Good job, Baby Bear! Now we can go outside and play!"

After using the bathroom, Papa Bear and Baby Bear spent all day playing together. There was lots of snow, so they built a snowbear together and had a snowball fight. It was the best day ever!

Hope you've been having fun with my silly stories and vignettes. I've been having a ball putting them together! In my next post, I'll begin where we left off with Houndstooth Puppy and Raccoon. Until then.... xoxo Jennifer

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  1. Oh gosh Jennifer, cute mouse and cats but my favorite has to be these bears!! How very cute! I like how you create story vignettes.


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