Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bella the Bride Bunny Goes Shopping

Hello, dear readers! I promised you more about the bunny bride-to-be and her search for Mr. Right. Our little bride bunny is officially named Bella now! Bella, because she is so beautiful!

Bella, as you may recall from our previous episode, always wears a bridal veil, because the only thing on her mind is, "Who is my Mr. Right? When will I meet him?" She is always thinking this way.

Today, Bella the bunny must take care of practical matters. She is going to go shopping. No, not shopping for a man, but shopping for food at one of her local farms. First, Bella prepared a small lunch for herself, and then she headed out of her little cottage and into the nearby woods.

After walking for a while, she made it into the deep forest. There she found a clearing with a comfortable place to rest and eat her lunch.

Once she had eaten her fill, she continued her journey. She needed to stock up on some organic fruits and veggies. She would take them back to her cottage and store them for a bit.

After a little while, she found the new farm she had been looking for. "Ah, here it is!" The sign even said that there was fresh fruit. "Oh goody!" Bella walked up a short path which led to the actual farm. The farm stand was filled with delicious-looking fresh fruits and vegetables. Behind the farm stand, with his back toward her, stood the farmer.

What will happen next, dear readers? Stay tuned for the next episode! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Can't wait to see what happens next :)
    She is soooo cute! And Bella is the perfect name for her.

    Hugs Jollie

  2. Hi Jollie, thanks for your comments! I also can't wait to see what happens next! :-)

  3. ahhh ha ha ha! I knew it, a farmer. How sweet! :)

  4. Hi tomgirlstuff! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Love hearing from you!

  5. This made me smile, it's so nice! :D

  6. Hi mijbil! Thank you for such a sweet comment! Have you seen part 2 of this story? Part 3 is coming out soon too! :-)

  7. There is a little bunny who appeared outside of my house. I think I'll call her Bella too! This is a cute story!

  8. Hi Ms. Leo! How sweet! Bella means "beautiful," after all. I bet that little bunny at your house is beautiful too. I just love little critters, both real and plush. Glad you like the story!


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