Friday, April 8, 2011

New Bunny Plushy!

And she's a bride! :-) I've been wanting to make a bunny plushy forever, and here she is! She is made from a white vintage cashmere sweater that I felted, vintage and new embroidery floss, and she's stuffed with renewable bamboo fiberfill. Her bridal veil, which is removable, is made from recycled tulle, vintage embroidery floss, and vintage lace. She is completely sewn by hand except for one seam on the back of the veil that I sewed with a machine. She's super soft and huggable!

Oh, sweet little bunny bride. She is waiting for Mr. Right! That's the one thing on her mind. See how even when she is doing something, her eyes are always looking to the right? Looking to the right symbolizes looking to the future, and that's what she's always doing. She is imagining meeting her Mr. Right, getting married, and living happily ever after. Until then, she is just waiting, waiting, waiting....

Let's see what happens in this little bunny's future, shall we? Until next time.... xoxo Jennifer


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    What a cute bunny bride :)
    I love it that you recycle so many fibers to create her!
    And as for the story, it seems that she has a lot with me in common ;)

    Hugs Jollie

  2. Hi Jollie, Welcome! Thanks for becoming a friend and leaving a comment! I really enjoy repurposing existing materials to make my plushies and vignettes. Let's see what happens with the little bunny--maybe you two will continue to have much in common. :-) xoxo Jennifer

  3. She is very cute! How tall is she?

  4. Hello Ms. Leo! Why, thank you! Bella is just over six inches tall. Thanks for asking! :-)


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