Monday, May 9, 2011

Bella the Bride Bunny Goes Shopping Part 3

In our last episode, Bella and Bert were gazing into each other's eyes after meeting for the first time.

Finally, Bert spoke: "Say, Bella, I was just about to take a break." He pulled out a thermos and poured them each a latte. "Would you care to join me?" Bella, having thought ahead (you never know when Mr. Right will show up!), pulled out a piece of cake from her picnic basket. "I'd love to!" she cried. "Would you care to share this cake with me?" "Why, yes," Bert replied. "How about we sit down in the grass near the barn?" "That would be perfect!"

Ever prepared, Bella's picnic basket liner miraculously turned into a picnic blanket, and the two sat down together in the field. Bella and Bert drank lattes, ate cake, and chatted. "So what do you do, Bella?" Bert asked. "I'm the local school teacher" replied Bella. "How long have you had your farm?" "Just a few years," replied Bert. Turns out they both are committed to growing and eating organic produce (we already knew that!). Both of them are single (we knew that too!), and both want to start a family soon (we could have guessed that!).

After a long while, drunk on infatuation, they wandered back to the farm stand, where Bella picked out her fruits and vegetables. Oh, yes! She had come here to shop. She'd almost fogotten!

She had such a large load of produce that Bert offered to walk her home. "Oh no! That's too much trouble for you, Bert! I couldn't ask you to do that!" Bella pretended to resist his offer, but she was secretly thrilled. "It's my pleasure," said Bert, as he carried the large vegetable crate in his strong paws, while Bella carried her picnic basket, now laden with fruit, at his side.

They didn't talk much on the walk home. They were a little too giddy for that! Both of them were savoring the moment, neither of them wanting this time together to end. When they got to the gate of Bella's cottage, they set down their things and were about to say their farewells.

Just then, Bert pulled out a bouquet of fresh Forget-Me-Not flowers that he had picked for Bella when she wasn't looking. "Oh Bertie," Bella cried. "These are so beautiful! Thank you!" "Thank you, Bella. I am so glad to have met you." With that, they said their good-byes and shook paws again. The tingle was still there! "Oh my!" Bella thought she might swoon. Bert had to pull himself away from Bella's intoxicating eyes.

Bella went into her little cottage and reminisced about her day. Night was falling as she got into her warm, cozy bed, but she couldn't sleep. Her heart was pounding. It had been so lovely meeting Bert. "I hope I get to see him again soon! He may be the Mr. Right I've been waiting for!"

Bert walked back to the farm, thoughts of Bella dancing around in his head. After closing up the farm stand for the day, Bert decided to call it a night. Bert went to bed in the barn, his usual spot. Because he didn't have the benefit of a female influence in his life, Bert had never gotten around to fixing up the farm's dilapidated house. "Bella's cottage sure looked warm and cozy. Oh, and that Bella sure looked warm and soft too! I wish I could be in her arms right now!" thought Bert.

Is Bert Bella's Mr. Right? Is Bella Bert's Ms. Right? Will Bert and Bella ever be in each other's arms? Will Bert always have to sleep in the hay barn? Stay tuned for the answers to these questions and more! Until next time.... xoxo Jennifer


  1. Un emocionante episodio! Bert debería ir con Bella ya!
    Ah te mande un E-mail, lo recibiste?
    el mío es

  2. Hi Rosamargarita! This episode is very emotional, yes! I sent you an email just now. I hope you receive it! :-)

  3. What a lovely story :)
    I am curious how it will go on...

    Hugs Jollie

  4. Hi tomgirlstuff! Thanks a bunch! More will be coming soon (the "saga" continues)! :-)

  5. OMG! What's going to happen?! They're too cute for this not to work out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. Primero que nada que conejos más guapos ( = Y se nota que son el uno para el otro ♥♥ ¡Que linda historia !!!

  7. Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed, Knotty By Nature! I'm sure Bert and Bella appreciate it! :-)

  8. Hi Flor! Thanks for commenting and for becoming a follower of this blog! Welcome! :-)

  9. So lovely rabbits,love the story! Sweets regards from Spain.

  10. Nos tienes que contar como continua, es una bonita historia de amor, emocionante y todo,jejeje, un beso.

  11. TINK and Susi, thank you for your lovely comments! They mean so much! :-)

  12. Soo cute of a story! I hope Bert works on the house! He and Bella can live there!

  13. Hi Ms. Leo! Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. We'll see what happens, won't we? :-) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  14. Hi!!!
    I am reading the story... and I am enjoying so much!! thanks alot Jennifer


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