Monday, May 16, 2011

The Birth of Venus

Here's my latest creation! It's a little chick plushy made from a kit from The Little Experience. It took me almost four hours to sew by hand--so many little stitches!

I've made several critters from their collection of craft kits, including Spot the dog and Raccoon. I was able to buy the last two chick kits before all of The Little Experience kits were sold out at New Seasons Market here in Portland. And the sad thing? The Little Experience is no longer selling in the U.S. Rumor has it that they are only selling in parts of Europe now. When you check their web site, it is under construction. So I'm not sure what is going on, but I bought the last two kits I could find--yay!

Like the other kits, the chick was supposed to be a keyring, but I preferred it as a stuffed animal, so I left off the keyring.

OK, now this might sound funny, but I put the chick in this recycled toy and feel that it resembles something familiar. What do you think?

Is that silly? Until next time.... xoxo Jennifer


  1. He is cute and cheeky and better off than on a key ring. Nice scene.

  2. So adorable!! They have such character :)! , fabulous!!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  3. Wow, this is cute. No no not on a key ring. He is to lovely for that.


  4. He is really too cute!! :)

    Hugs Jollie

  5. Te felicito por tus trabajos, Besooooos.

  6. Que pollito tan hermoso! me encanta la comparación con Venus!
    Un abrazote!

  7. How cute!! I couldn't bear to see the little critter dangling from a key ring either :(

    re your question on my blog about weathering dollhouse furniture the short answer is that you can't use the products that are recommended for the exterior finish, in particular the latex housepaint, it's way too dense. However, if a miniature piece is still in it's raw state (ie unvarnished) I guess you could try a similar approach substituting artists acrylic for the latex house paint and where you want to remove the paint afterwards to imitate weathering you could do so with acetone as mentioned by Susan in her comment on my post about aged paint effects. However, on pieces already varnished it's a whole different situation. In that case I guess you're going to have to sand/strip off as much of it as possible or go to 'plan C' and try the method I used on the doors and bench in my aged paint effects post. I don't know if all this helps or confuses!! Email me at if you need to clarify anything :)

  8. Wow! Thank you to everyone who has left a comment so far! How sweet of you all, with lots of hugs and kisses too! Thank you all! :-)

  9. Hi Norma! Many thanks for the detailed description on weathering dollhouse furniture--you're the best! :-)

  10. LOLOLOL, the Botticelli Chicken !
    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexactly !!!
    You do absolutly great,cute and funny works !
    Love them all !!!
    xxx Silke

  11. Hi Silke! You really made my day with your comment! I laughed and I cried! Bless you, and welcome to my blog! :-)


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