Friday, October 21, 2011

Cute Kawaii Giveaway!

11/19/11 update: This giveaway is now closed.

11/2/11 update: I've added a second prize to the giveaway. You still enter the giveaway here (see instructions below), but if you want to see the second giveaway prize, check it out here.

You know I love giveaways, and you know I love cute things.... Drumroll, please! For all you fans of cute things, this is the giveaway for you! (Shh! My next giveaway--in one month--will be miniatures!) Today's giveaway features a super-soft plush Hello Kitty dressed in a teddy bear suit (what could be more cute kawaii than that?). Also included is a Chococat digital watch, a sushi bar Hello Kitty keyring, a Hello Kitty pencil case, and a cute Japanese stationery set.

I never mentioned that I won another giveaway, but this time it was gifts from Tofu Cute at My Kawaii Space. Also included in my giveaway (see photo above) are six adorable badges from Tofu Cute! Now that's quite a combo, isn't it? That's a whole lotta cute in one place, eh?! :-)

OK, the winner takes all in this giveaway, and I will mail it anywhere in the world, so everyone is eligible. BTW, the postage is on me. ;-)

Here are the simple rules for entering this giveaway:

1) You must be a follower (friend) of this blog with Google Friend Connect (on the right-hand sidebar of this blog). "Join this site" now, if you haven't already!

2) You must leave a comment on this blog post stating your desire to participate in this giveaway.

3) (Not required, but much appreciated!) If you have a blog, please post this giveaway on your blog's sidebar, so more people can learn about it! Thank you! :-)

That's it! It is so easy! :-)

This giveaway closes on Friday, November 18, 2011. I will pick a name at random on Saturday, November 19 and announce the winner that day! If the winner doesn't respond by Monday, November 21, I will pick a new winner at random.

Don't forget: there will be at least one more giveaway (a miniatures giveaway!) in the next month or so. Stay tuned for future giveaways with more fun prizes! :-) Until next time.... xoxo Jennifer

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

OK, we're finally here. It's time to announce the winner of my Fall 2011 Giveaway. The winner will take it all: the upcycled cashmere plush kitty made by ALDDesigns and the vintage miniature scarecrow. Plus, I'm including the tiny pumpkin and an even tinier 1:12 scale black bat, to make the winner's mini Halloween scene more complete. :-)

I used the random number generator to pick the winner. And the winner is...

Congratulations! Please contact me at pdxjbear (at) to claim your prize, becky.

Remember when I said that I LOVE giveaways? I will open a NEW GIVEAWAY in a few days(!). Don't be sad :-( if you were not the winner this time. You may be the lucky winner next time! :-) Keep your eyes on this blog. I will announce the next giveaway later this week--yay! Until next time.... xoxo Jennifer

Precious Gifts

I've gotten a little bit behind on telling you all about some things. One of those things is about several precious gifts I've received.

First, Sans of The Dollhouse Diaries: My Maharaja's Palace fame, and the winner of my first giveaway sent me a beautiful Buddha from Singapore. Isn't it lovely?

And inside, another tiny (3/4 inch/2 cm tall) brass Buddha for my Victorian dollhouse, Dad's Dollhouse:

I had mentioned to her that I'd read that the Victorians were really interested in the Far East and its spiritual traditions. I wanted a single Buddha to represent that interest (which I happen to share, by the way). When Sans found the little Buddha she learned that this particular style is similar to ones from the Victorian time, making the gift all that more special. What a sweet and thoughtful gift, don't you think? Thank you Sans! Oh! But there's more to this story, a part that even Sans doesn't know! I'll fill you all in about that in the next couple of weeks. ;-)

I also want to acknowledge two more precious gifts I have received. First, just days ago, Maru of the blog Miniaturas y Munecas de Tica awarded my blog with the Premio Award:

She wrote (this is a translation from Spanish): " joy personified, because it gives you always a rush of mind, because it makes you laugh, its so original and charming creations, and for always being so loving to everyone and so much fun." Wow! I am very flattered! :-) Thank you SO much Maru!

Finally, a couple of months ago (I said that I had fallen behind, didn't I?), Eva of Casita de Regaliz blog awarded my blog with the Sunshine Award:

Isn't it pretty? Thank you so much, Eva! That is really sweet of you!

I would like to share both of these blog awards with all of my blog friends. You are the ones who make blogging fun! Thank you for being here. It means the world to me. Next blog post: Giveaway Winner! Until next time.... xoxo Jennifer

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Won! Plus Giveaway Ends Today!

Wow! I just learned that I won Tam toum's incredible giveaway! Look what I won:

It's a house! Can you believe it?! I am so excited! This looks like just the right size for my next project, because I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed when I thought about refurbishing the shabby chic dollhouse I bought recently. Thank you, Tam toum! Be sure to check out her blog, called Miniature Stuff, which shares lots of fun miniature videos and articles from around the globe!

While I'm here, this is the last day to enter my Fall 2011 Giveaway. The giveaway closes tonight at midnight Pacific time. I will number the giveaway entries (your comments), and then I will use a random number picker online to pick the lucky winner. I will announce it tomorrow--yay! Good luck everyone! My next giveaway will open later this week, so keep your eyes on this blog! :-) Until next time.... xoxo Jennifer