Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Giveaway!

Mouse has stopped in a coffee shop for a piece of cake, but he's in shock!

The wall art in the coffee shop looks as if it might be a photo of him!

2/29/12 update: This giveaway is now closed. The winner has been announced here!

The Big Miniatures Giveaway just ended, and next month I'm going to be celebrating one year of blogging--woohoo! :-) I thought this would be a good time to open up a new giveaway! ;-) Mouse has just noticed that he is a featured character in one of my greeting cards (two of my cards, actually!).

Mouse is featured in both my birthday card and a card that is blank inside. The birthday card reads, "It's your birthday. Time for a treat!"

Then there's Plushpussycat and Tomcat. Tomcat has brought flowers for Plushpussycat on their picnic date. Inside, the card reads, "Oh my! You shouldn't have!" This is a common way of saying "thank you."

Next is my friendship card featuring Houndstooth Pup and Raccoon. Inside it reads, "I'm so glad we're friends." I love to send this card to people who love plushies or miniatures and to other friends too! :-)

Finally, there's the card with Bella the Bride Bunny on the front. It is blank inside and is great for bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, friends who are struggling with dating, and so on. 

What You Could Win: So, there are five cards total in my greeting card line, and that is exactly what is up for grabs in this giveaway--all five cards! I'll also throw in a miniature surprise. I won't tell you what the surprise is until I announce the winner, either! ;-)

This giveaway ends Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 12 midnight PST, and I'll announce the winner on Sunday, January 29, 2012. I'll pick the winner from the pool of qualified entries using a random number generator. I must hear back from the winner by end of day Tuesday, January 31, 2012. If I don't, I'll pick another winner, again using the random number generator. This giveaway is open to anyone who meets the below criteria. The postage is on me.

Giveaway requirements:

1) Be a follower / member (or become one now) of this blog using Google Friend Connect (on my upper right-hand sidebar). (Required) 
2) Leave a nice comment on this post. (Required)
If you like, please tell me what types of cards you buy most. Examples: birthday, sympathy, wedding, get well soon, etc. (not required, but appreciated).
3) Please help me spread the word about this giveaway by publishing it on your blog (not required, but very much appreciated). :-) Here's the image to use:

For help in how to post the giveaway image on your blog's sidebar, there are instructions here

I hope you like this giveaway! Remember that you could win all five greeting cards plus a miniature surprise! Thank you to all of the friends of Plushpussycat. Good luck in the draw! Until next time.... xoxo Jennifer


  1. yo conozco esas tarjetas y son todas hermosas! cuenta conmigo, por favor, lo anuncio en mi blog...

  2. Beautiful card! Count me in the giveaway.
    Link on the right panel

  3. Hi Jennifer! I would love to participate! Could you send an email...about HOW TO post this on my blog...I haven't found out yet how to do that!! Your cards are really nice! I like to collect cards with friendship texts!

  4. Lovely giveaway, thank you! :)
    I'm a follower.
    I often buy birthday cards!

  5. Las tarjetas que mas suelo comprar son las de los cumpleaños o de navidad. que yo sigo escribiendo las felicitaciones.
    Apúntame al sorteo y voy corriendo a publicarlo en mi blog.

  6. Beautiful cards!
    I think mostly I send cards when I am traveling abroad.;D

  7. Thanks Jenny! I love your cards, of course I'll announce your giveaway on my blog. Hugs, Drora

  8. GFC: Victoria

    I love handmade cards but preferably blank so that I can write whatever I want inside it :)

  9. Hi Jennifer, the first two pictures are so funny! Can I participate in this giveaway? Birthday cards for me!

  10. Muy divertido, cuenta conmigo, ya lo he puesto en la barra lateral de mi blog.
    Mil besitos...Julia

  11. Jennifer sono tutte bellissime, come fare a scegliere? Dovendo scelgo quella con i due gattini, Tom e Plushpussycat, ma sarei felice di vincerne una qualsiasi!!
    Corro a mettere il link sul mio blog,

    la mia e-mail è:
    Un bacio e grazie per la splendida opportunità,

  12. You're so generous to us, Jen - of course I'd like to participate, so please count me in. I must admit I would rather die than ever buy a card (kind of a question of honor for a card crafter, teehee).

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Youpi! Another giveaway! Your cards are beautiful, they are sweet. I buy birthday cards of course, but mostly I buy cards I love for no special occasions, They have to make me think of a friend. I have to see immediately who it will be for. No need of special occasions to send cards to friends.
    Mouse in the coffee shop made me laugh.

  14. Please count me in your wonderful giveaway. I mostly buy birthday cards which in my family means a lot of cards :D
    Hugs Maria

  15. Me siento un poco "acaparadora" porque yo ya tengo unas tarjetas tuyas, pero es que son tan hermosas! No me puedo resistir.
    Las tarjetas no las envío casi nunca las atesoro!
    Lo anuncio en mi blog

  16. Hi Jennifer,
    I love your cards, please enter me in the giveaway.
    My favorite is your friendship card it's so gorgeous!!!! I buy all sorts of cards all the time. Usually just because I like them, even if I don't know who I will send the to :0)
    Big hugs and I will add the link to my blog
    Vicky xxxxx

  17. Me encantaría participar!! Lo anuncio en mi blog.

  18. Your cards are so cute and fun, please count me in. The cards I buy most is birthday cards.

  19. Love your cards,Jennifer! Please count me!
    Ina :)

  20. Hi Jennifer! I would love to participate in this giveaway. I really like birthday cards.
    I'll put a link on my blog about this draw.

  21. Hey there miss jen!
    I'd love to enter your giveaway, I buy mostly birthday cards myself. I tried to buy some thankyou cards locally the other day and couldn't find them anywhere.
    If I remember I'll post your giveaway on my blog!
    I love the cards you sent me, I'm planning to scrapbook them in baby o's scrapbook when I start it soon!
    Kate xx

  22. Who could resist this giveaway?!? Well I can't, so count me in. I have linked this on my blog. About cards, I buy birthday cards the most, if I don't make them myself. Hugs from Sanne

  23. No me puedo resistir! Quiero participar, que esas tarjetas me gustan mucho...Llevo tu anuncio a mi blog...Un beso

  24. Hola Jennifer es muy bonito tu sorteo por favor cuenta conmigo, yo no tengo la fortuna de conocer tus tarjetas pero pienso que usaría más las de cumpleaños, un abrazo Ana (mucuy)

  25. All your cards are beautiful. Please, count me in your giveaway. I put the link on my blog.
    Bye Faby

  26. Son unas preciosas tarjetas.
    Me encanta enviar tarjetas en los cumpleaños, son siempre tan alegres.
    Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo.
    Subo el aviso a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  27. ¡OLÉ! Another Giveaway!! I love yours :-) Please, count me in. It's great to be back with a new surprise hehehe.
    All my best wishes for you in this New Year ( a little late but from my heart)
    Big, big hugs

  28. As always, I enjoy your cute stories about your adorable plushes. You are so kind to do the giveaway. Congrats on the blogoversary. Thanks for the kind comments you frequently leave on my blog.

  29. Me gustaría participar en tu sorteo!!
    las targetas de cumpleaños me gustan,
    mucho,ahora subo el enlace a mi blog.

  30. Hi,

    Thanks for having another lovely giveaway.

    I will normally buy farewell cards.



  31. Me encantaría participar en tu sorteo, lo publico en mi blog. Besitos

  32. Yo también me apunto, que chuli. Voy a mi blog y lo anuncio. Un beso

  33. Me encantaria poder participar en tu sorteo.
    Me parecen unas postales de lo más original y muy simpaticas.
    Suelo utilizar las felicitaciones de cumpleaños.
    Ya soy seguidora desde este momento y me llevo el enlace a mi blog.
    Muchas gracias.

  34. Oh, I just love your giveaways! they're always sooo cute :D<3 I don't buy cards so often, but I think that the ones that thank people from friendship are my favorite :)

  35. Me encantaría participar en tu sorteo, subo el aviso a mi blog

  36. Great blog as always!

    I enjoy sending birthday cars the most!

  37. Todas me gustan, me gustaria poder participar en su sorteo, lo subo a mi blog.


  38. Me encantaria participar,son preciosas.
    Lo subo a mi blog.

  39. Hi Jennifer, I some how mist this post, but I'm going to change it now.
    Please count me in. the cards are so lovely and cute, I send cards most for birthdays and ofcourse X-Mas :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  40. ¡Hola Jennifer!!!
    Que sorteo mas lindo!!!
    Ahora lo pongo en mi blog ( ;
    Las tarjetas que mas compro son de cumpleaños y amistad Ü
    Un besito

  41. hola las tarjetas son hermosas las de cumpleaño me gusta me anotas para el sorteo gracias

  42. Me encantaría participar en tu sorteo. lo subo a mi blog

  43. What a wonderful blog, Jennifer!
    I'm a new follower, have just met you through your giveaway and I'm happy for this! Love so much Tomcat and Plushpussycat because they seem two of my cat, Yoghito (the grey cat) and Nerina (the black one)! Really! *_* I'd like to buy birthday and wedding cards.
    Your giveaway is on my blog sidebar: .
    Fingers crossed and hugs from Italy! :-)

  44. Your cards are DARLING! I actually like postcards where I can write my own note/greeting on the back and just get away with using a Postcard stamp. I let my kids use them too.

  45. I would love paraticipar of your drawing, thank you for the opportunity. I'm doing a post on my blog. Kiss in your heart.

  46. Hola Jennifer!Tus tarjetas son únicas,muy originales.En lo personal me encantan las de Boda.
    Desearía participar en el sorteo.LLevo el aviso a mi Blog.

  47. Hello Jennifer, what a great giveaway. Most time I buy a card for birthday (sometimes I made it myself) and last year I buyed 2 cards for wedding wow. I'll cross my fingers. Please count me in. I put a link to my sidebar.
    Hugs from Craftland

  48. Hola Jennifer, sigo todavia sin tener blog, pero deseando nuevamente en volver a participar en un nuevo sorteo tuyo. Ojala, esta vez haya algo más de suerte. Muchas gracias por todo y muchos besos.

  49. Hola, me encantaria participar e tu sorteo. Lo anuncio en mi blog, ya soy seguidora tuya. Saludos!!

  50. Beautiful card!
    I would love to participate in this giveaway.
    I'm a follower. (Wildflower) I often buy birthday cards!
    Link on the right panel:
    Thanks for the chance :)