Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mid-Century Modern Dollhouse!

Here's the dollhouse I bought and decorated while the Birthday Bash Giveaway was going on. It's a 1960s cardboard mid-century modern Winthrop Toys Instant Dollhouse. I found it on eBay and fell in love with it. It would be perfect for some miniature vignettes with Plushpussycat, with her retro kitty looks, I figured. 

Front porch with Fisher Price patio chair and mini marigolds made by me!

Turns out it is 1:16 scale, otherwise known as 3/4 scale, so I "had to" buy some furniture for it too! I already had a 1970s Lundby sofa and chair set. I found the white cubes at a thrift store, and I had a lot of the miniature accessories in my stash. 

View from front porch door into retro kitchen.
Huge box of Mallomars for the lady of the house!

My biggest purchases were the Triang Spot-On red chair with footstool and TV with stand. Other purchases included the Marx kitchen pieces and the vintage Fisher Price patio chair with (not shown) lounger.

The "stove" is really a counter--these three Marx pieces are a perfect fit. 

This has been so fun to decorate, and I've learned a lot about 3/4 scale dollhouse furniture brands. I love mid-century modern style as much as I love late-Victorian, retro, shabby chic, and cottage styles!

View of living room Lundby sofa from outside.

There are four "rooms" altogether, counting the front porch. Others include kitchen, living/sitting room, and TV play room.
1950s to 1960s Triang Spot-On TV with stand--love it!

When this house was made, it came with cardboard furniture, but I'm glad mine didn't have any, because I've had so much fun picking my own.

TV play room with stereo. Aren't the wall designs fun?

The TV play room may be my favorite. I loved finding these tiny Golden Books and even a Chipmunks record album to match my mini stereo! You can read more about this dollhouse here.

1960s Jetsons and Flintstones books plus mini Chipmunks record album.

Thanks for taking my little home tour. I hope you had as much fun visiting as I had showing you around the place. :-) Keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Fantastic! I like the kitchen.
    Bye Faby

  2. Jennifer your tour is wonderful. I love the wallpaper. Each room has its own surprise.
    Thank you.

  3. What a good find! I love the items you added, they fit in perfectly.
    Thanks for showing.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. it's adorable you can almost hear the Mickey Mouse club playing in the background on the TV I love Mid Cent Mod but like you there is room in my heart for other styles.

    your house is wonderful
    Marisa :)

  5. I loved your dollhouse. This was a great acquisition. Congratulations!

  6. I love that TV, too cool!

    I like that you 'had' to buy accessories for the house ha-ha. Have to get our priorities right, yes?

  7. Que chula!! Me encanta el sofá!!

  8. Oh WOW! 1:6? Lovely! I like it's colours and thedecorated walls.:) Can't wait for your photos there Jennifer!:)

  9. Qué bonitos trampantojos y la decoración retro genial. Me ha encantado.

  10. Has hecho una fantastica compra, solo hay que ver los maravillosos resultados.
    Me encanta como te ha quedado.
    besitos ascension

  11. Que bonita y acogedora cocina.Bss apretaos!!!!

  12. What a find - this house really makes you smile. I love the way you decorated it and I can't wait to see it as the location of stories with plushy characters - like the raccoon, for example (teehee...)


  13. OMG! Adorable! Memories of my childhood! :)

  14. This is one of the coolest dollhouses I've ever seen! I love vintage stuff (especially clothes, kitchen items, fabrics, and furniture) so I just have to love this :)

  15. Such a cute kitchen! It's just right for Plushpussycat! She has now become a cat of property!

  16. Me encanta como te ha quedado!!!
    Buen trabajo!!!

  17. What a terrific find. It look lovely and you chose great pieces for it.
    All the best,

  18. Hi Jennifer,
    Wow, I love what you've done with this!! The kitchen is fantastic, I love the floor and the units.And the TV play room is so fun.
    I think it's wonderful to be interested in lots of different styles and I really adore all the lundby and other vintage furniture. Resently I found a bright pink Barret and Sons telephone and some fantastic Doi Toy saucepans, I smile every time I look at them and this post has made me smile lots too!!
    vicky xxxx

  19. it's a great house, I love all the bright colours, especially that floor in the TV room! The furniture you've chosen looks great too. I have heard of Lundby and Triang, but not the other makes.

  20. The house is wonderful. I love all the great items that you had to buy for it ;) The stereo is wonderful and I love the white cubes and how you have used them. What a fun project.
    Hugs Maria

  21. Love the house Jennifer! That was a great find, there is so much cool furniture for 3/4 scale available. That is the scale I grew up with, I found a picture of my first dolls house the other day and will post it on my blog soon. I can tell you had a blast picking all the furniture and accessories :)

    Big Hugs,

  22. Brought together a great device! All rooms have a very stylish!
    Regards ANDA

  23. Muy bien logrado el aire de los 60
    Te felicito

  24. Jennifer, you are an interiordesigner!! I love that old TV on the table!
    Hugs, Ilona

  25. This is so F-A-B!
    Great find!
    The Little House

  26. Jennifer, I really really love your new find! It is absolutely gorgeous and gives me lots of inspiration because right now I am also decorating my old Lundby dollhouse. Thank you ever so much for introducing your fantastic Mid-Century Modern Dollhouse! :) :)

    Hugs, JohannaMaria

  27. Devo dire che mi sto ricredendo sullo stile "moderno", è molto, molto carino! LA cucina poi è adorabile!

  28. Que monada de casa, me gusta un montón.
    Mil besos...Julia.

  29. Fantastic, i loved your tour around the house, the furniture, t.v and record player and all the other details fit so well in this house. The Marigolds you made are stunning!

  30. Haha, wooooow, I really like this house! :) The retro style is so playful with brave colors :)Great job once again Jennifer! :D

  31. Ma come si può dare via un simile tesoro? Io non sapevo che anche una casa in cartone potesse essere così bella, e poi con i mobili che hai aggiunto è davvero stupenda, mi piace molto la cucina e la sala giochi, la poltrona è fantastica!
    Un bacio

  32. WOW! I'm so glad I found you! This is an awesome blog..I love your creativity! Can't wait to show my little girl this blog, she's gonna freak! Thank you for sharing with us!

  33. That couch is the bomb! Great job decorating a great find!


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