Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Craftland's Handmade and Vintage Miniatures

Karin of Craftland Minis und Anderes blog sent me something I never could have imagined.... She sent not one, but two miniature vintage felt plush poodles! Plus so much dessert! This might have been a bad combination! ;-)

Looks like the black poodle is very close to getting what it wants!

It all started with this amazing carrot cake that Karin made for her blog giveaway:

When I didn't win it, I was so sad, because I thought the cake would be perfect for a bunny wedding. :-) Karin took pity on me and said she would send me one. I suggested we do a miniatures swap. We both took our time making and gathering things for each other. You can see what I sent Karin on her Craftland post. I received so many lovely dollhouse miniatures from Karin. Not only the poodles, not only desserts, but all of these beauties:

There is the carton of eggs, the butter dish, the mini treats, a shopping basket with very realistic-looking toilet paper and paper towel rolls, a darling doll in a wonderful shabby box, a bag of flower bulbs, tiny ladybugs, and more:

Thank you so much, Karin. I love your miniature gifts so much. They were so thoughtful and perfect, my friend. If you don't know it, Craftland's blog is well worth a visit. As you can see, Karin makes beautiful miniatures, and she finds wonderful miniatures at flea markets too. Until next time, keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. bonito intercambio, felicidades

  2. A fantastic swap - both ways. Karin is a wonderful artist. I love everything she made, the stunning egg carton, doll in the box, carrot cake, all! Enjoy these beautiful minis.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Was Karin wieder für hübsche Sachen verschenkt hat. Wie immer... ganz tolle Minis. Und die kleinen Vintage-Pudel.... die habe ich auch, die sind wunderschön und passen gut von der Größe.

    Schicke liebe Grüße mit

    PuNo / Monika

  4. Hello Jennifer! Bellissimi regali adoro i barboncini!Kiss!

  5. Felicidades son minis muy bonitas!!

  6. Hi Jennifer,congratulations your gifts from Karin are gorgeous !
    I love the little poodles they look sooo cute :)
    Enjoy your wonderful treasures.

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  7. Hello
    The poodles are just adorable and a little naughty, I can see. Smile


  8. Congratulations on your wonderful gifts from Karin. They are all gorgeous. I am lucky enough to have some of Karins treasures so I know what a wonderful thoughtful artist she is. That also goes for you Jennifer I have seen your wonderful gifts to Karin and myself. Congratulations to both for a fantastic swap.
    Hugs Maria

  9. so many and beautiful items!!!! the dogs are so cute! that;s a lot to put into your scenes, just perfect all!!! saw your wonderful tings on Karin's blog....THAT was a grest swap!!!!! :)

  10. Hello Jennifer,
    What wonderful pieces. Everything is so beautiful and well done. Your mini kitchen is just weonderful and bright! Just awesome! I also saw what you made for the swap ad I am very impressed by your skills...What a great swap between 2 extremely talented women!
    Big hug,

  11. Jennifer - What a lovely story your swap made for me! Never ceases to amaze me how generous miniaturists can be with their time and their talents! And what a lovely new home the poodles have arrived in - no doubt to get up to mischief with the other creatures!!
    Thank you for link to Karin's blog. I will now go and explore some more! Hugs - Annette

  12. What wonderful little goodies Jennifer! The poodles are absolutely wonderful, I love the little carton of eggs too - sooo cute!
    Many thanks for the link, I am off to have a look at Karin's blog!
    Have a lovely day, my friend! x

  13. Hehehe, bad dogs!

    Very lovely stuff though!! Time for a party!

  14. Wow, what a wonderful swap. I adore the poodles and all the gorgeous food is amazing!!
    I've just taken a peek at your gifts for Karin and they are also amazing!!
    I love the photos you've taken of the poodles in your kitchen, they are wonderful!!
    Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  15. Que perritos mas graciosos y el resto de minis son preciosas. Enhorabuena.

  16. Karin's work is outstanding and she's such a lovely lady! I already admired your gifts on her blog and I can only say this was a fantastic swap between you both.


  17. Such great treasures. I've never seen such a realistic carton of eggs before, it's super. I can't wait to see the bunny wedding.
    A Big Mini Hug

  18. Bellissime miniature!!! Complimenti!!!

  19. Estupendo intercambio. Felicidades.

  20. Felicidades por el intercambio ¡Los perritos son divinos!. Un saludo, Eva

  21. Fantastic swap!The poodles are so cute!

  22. Is a beautiful swap! So cute gifts, I love all, cake, eggs, and dogs of course! congrats to both and enjoy! Hugs

  23. Hello Jennifer,
    I'm so happy, that all my gifts are welcome. But your gifts for me are so wonderful, too. Thank you very much my friend.
    Hugs and kisses from Craftland


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