Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Centerpiece of Cupcake Cottage's Kitchen

It's early morning here at Cupcake Cottage. The sun is up, the cupcakes are freshly baked and frosted, and it's going to be a good day. The centerpiece of Cupcake Cottage, the one that sets the tone for the whole room, is this gorgeous kitchen hutch / dresser, made by Vicky Lovejoy of Lovejoy Bears blog. I love this piece, with all of its whimsical charm. Cupcake Cottage wouldn't be the same without it.

Vicky has opened a beautiful Etsy shop, and it's full of pieces lovingly hand made by her, all loaded with that special something that is uniquely hers. It always feels happy. Just take a look at this precious piece:

This little cabinet would be gorgeous in almost any room of your dollhouse. Just try to picture it in the bathroom, the bedroom, the hallway, the kitchen--it would be perfect anywhere!

And to celebrate the opening of her shop, Vicky is hosting a fabulous giveaway on her blog. Look at what you could win:

All I'm saying is, don't miss out on all of this cuteness! Let the happiness rub off on you, and keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Your kitchen ia amazing! I like the colors and details.
    Kiss Faby

  2. So cute and lovely looking your little kitchen! A perfectly matching cupboard! Yes..Vicky's work is soooo wonderful! :)
    Your kitchen scene sure looks like a beautiful day! :)

  3. Adorable! Have a good week, Jennifer!

  4. ¡qué preciosa cocina!, me encanta el estilo que le has dado, es tan dulce!.

  5. Vicky's cupboard is perfect in your gorgeous kitchen. Everything about it is so sweet and happy. I love your vase of flowers so pretty.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Kitchen looks so sweet in the sunlight.:)

  7. Oh Jennifer, I don't know how to thank you enough for this lovely post and for your beautiful words. I think I am the luckiest person ever to have such a special and precious friend, you are wonderful, thank you so much!!!Cupcake Cottage kitchen looks divine. I love the way the light is shining through the window, it makes the whole scene come to life. I wish I could live there :) Your miniature world is just adorable!!
    hugs Vicky ♥ ♥

  8. Your cupcake kittchen is fantastic!
    It looks so wonderful.

  9. Jennifer, your kitchen is really adorable!♥
    Vicky's works have a special touch to make everything look so sweet and cute! Your scene is beautiful!
    hugs, piikko

  10. Un precioso rincón de la cocina.

    Besos, Narán

  11. Hi Jennifer, what a sweet kitchen this is, all those pretty colors and the sunlight trough the window.
    It all looks sooo fresh and peaceful,a place to feel at home :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  12. How sweet it is!! Vicky's dresser is lovely and just perfect for this setting. I do adore the 'cupcake' look, maybe I should do a little room box - I daren't take on another full size project at the moment!

  13. Your kitchen is looking so beautiful Jennifer!
    Many thanks for the link too - I'm off to have a look at Vicky's Etsy right now!
    That little cupboard is beautiful!
    Hugs to you! x

  14. Oh wow, Cupcake Cottage is so sweet! And that hutch is adorable. I want to move in, please. :)

  15. ese mueble queda muy bonito en la cocina , has hecho muy buena eleccion



  16. You couldn't have made a better choice than picking Vicky's fantastic shelf as a centerpiece and in a way a kind of role model for the kitchen of Cupcake Cottage. That whole kitchen is so happy and cheerful - it would be fun to live there!


  17. Wow, Jennifer I love this colors!

  18. Que bonita cocina y es genial con ese mueble de Vicky, que suerte tenemos de tener algo de ella,,,no crees?
    Mil besosJennifer.

  19. Love Vicky's work, always make me smile :)

  20. Un bonito mueble para una bonita cocina. Enhorabuena.

  21. Hello Jennifer,
    I love the coittage,
    I would totally stop by ever day for tea and cupcakes. Thanks for sharing the great pieces.
    Theya re all so beautiful...definetely an artis toi remember.
    Big hug,

  22. The hutch and cabinet are adorable. I will definitely go check out her shop.


  23. Heavenly!! It is drop dead gorgeous!
    Love Vicky's happy style.
    Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog. Maybe I can inspire you to come over my house and help me finish all my commissions too. LOL! :D
    big hugs,

  24. Hi Jennifer, the centerpiece looks perfect in your Cupcake Cottage kitchen. Vicky's work so so beautiful uniquely.
    Hugs from Craftland

  25. :-D
    Loved the morning light that radiates from the window and greets this lovely kitchen :-)
    Vicky's works is incredibly cute :-)

  26. Wow! It looks as if Vicky's beautiful dresser was made especially for your Cupcake Cottage. It fits like a glove to a hand. A lovely kitchen in what is going to be one of your masterpiece dollhouse.
    Hugs, Drora

  27. I adore cupcake cottage! And Vicky's Mermaid cottage too.
    So happy to have found your blog, thanks for visiting.


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