Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dollar Store Halloween Fun! Plus Challenge

After seeing some of the things that fellow miniaturists have been finding at the Dollar Store, I've been stalking my local shops. See what I found here? A package of drinking straws with four jack-o-lanterns per straw! My husband used a hacksaw to separate the four pumpkins from one another. Each pumpkin is approximately 5/8 inch (1.5 cm) tall.

Pretty nice potential here for dollhouse miniature Halloween scenes, wouldn't you say?

Now onto the challenge: Ninni from Finland at Nipsun Nopotykset blog challenged me to answer some interview-type questions here on my blog. So here goes:

1. How and when did you start your miniature hobby?

I originally started my miniature hobby when my Dad built me my first dollhouse at around age 9 or 10. Several decades went by, when I'd almost forgotten about my interest in miniatures, but I saved my dollhouse. Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I made some plushies with the idea of selling them. As I was starting to photograph them, I thought of my miniatures collection and pulled some out to use as props in my photos. I started this blog, miniaturists found it, and my interest in the hobby was re-ignited. I turned some of my plushy photographs into greeting cards, and now I have a business selling them in local shops.

2. What would you want to do in miniature size?

I like to create miniature dioramas and scenes using my own playful handmade plush characters, recycled and repurposed materials, and dollhouse miniatures. I take photos of these scenes, and some of them become greeting cards. The type of scenes I create are whimsical with touches of shabby chic and vintage styles. I intend to create more scenes along these lines.

3. What kind of miniatures interest you the most?

I love sweet, cute, whimsical, and romantic-style miniatures the most. I love to purchase miniatures from individual artists who create in these styles. Examples include Lovejoy BearsCuteinMiniature, and FloraDollhouse.

I also enjoy repurposing found objects and "shabbifying" old dollhouse furniture. Recycling is fun!

4. Mention five things you like.
  1. Positive people.
  2. Having fun!
  3. Animals.
  4. Needle felting, sewing by hand, and making miniatures.
  5. Photographing miniature scenes and blogging.
5. Mention five things that you don't like.
  1. Drama and negativity.
  2. Mainstream media.
  3. Cruelty and bullying.
  4. Politics.
  5. Social networking.
6. What is your biggest dream?

I just take one day at a time and see where it leads me.

7. Tell about some tradition you have in your home place/country.

In Portland, people spend a lot of time in bookstores and coffee shops during our rainy, dark winters. I love exploring bookstores and libraries.

8. If you could choose any place you wanted in the world, where would you want to live?

I like living in Portland, Oregon. It is green and beautiful, progressive and fun!

9. In which countries have you been? And which did you like the most? 

I spent a few years in SE Asia and have been to Mexico and Canada. My favorite place was the island of Bali in Indonesia. It was a tropical paradise with lovely people and an interesting culture.

10.Tell something interesting about Finland? OR What do you know about Finland?

Finland is known for its natural beauty and its peace-loving citizens. It's renowned for being a wonderful place to live!

Thank you for the fun challenge, Ninni! OK, that's it for me today. I'll have something fun to show you this weekend! xoxo Jennifer


  1. those little pumpkins are so cute! and perfect dollhouse size. I'll be interested to see what you use them for. Also nice to read a bit more about you. I love your cards, they're so unique!

  2. las linternas son verdaderamente adorables, y saber mas cosas de usted me parece muy interesante.
    un abrazo

  3. The little pumpkins are very cute.
    I would have loved to rummage and raid a dollar store, but I have to content myself with our shekel (25 cents) stores, buy cheap jewelry to
    take apart and recycle.
    It was nice to learn more about you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. menudo hallazgo,esas calabazas son geniales y perfectas para las miniaturas , que suerte



  5. Que bien que hayas contestado a estas preguntas así te conozco un poquito mejor. Las calabazas son muy chulas y tu marido que paciencia para cortarlas.

  6. Wow, I Love what you did find from the one dollar shop! The Tiny pumpkins are perfect! Congrats! And it was really nice to read and learn about you! Thanks! ;)

  7. Dear Jennifer,how wonderful to learn more about you :)
    The little pumpkins you found are sooo lovely, perfect for any Halloween scene !!!

    Hugs mieke xxx

  8. The tiny pumpkins are perfect for dolls house.
    It's fantastic to learn more about you.
    Kiss Faby

  9. I loved this post, Jenn! First of all the interesting use you gave to the flashlights of soda straws. And then the wonderful 'interview' to Ninni and so all we get to know a little more about you. ;)

  10. Geniales las alabazas!! Y un gusto conocerte un poquito más!!

  11. What a great find from the Dollar Store! I love to shop there too because you can find so many fun miniatures for a great price! Thanks for posting your Q&A, I just found out your blog yesterday and was asking myself the same questions :)

  12. Hello Jennifer its always so nice to find out more things about a friend. I love the find that you got those pumpkins are perfect.
    Hugs Maria

  13. The pumpkins are a fantastic idea Jennifer!! What a wonderful imagination you have, I'd never have thought to do this with those straws :) I've also been challenged with these questions and I've really enjoyed reading your answers. As always I find myself having so much in common with you :) and thankyou so much for mentioning me as one of the styles you like, I'm honoured and very happy!!!!
    Hugs sweet friend,
    Vicky ♥ ♥

  14. Gracias por dejarnos conocerte un poco mas.
    Esas calabazas son simplemente geniales!!!
    besitos ascension

  15. Great idea, Jennifer! The pumpkins are sweet!:)

  16. Those Pumpkins are adorable but I'm not allowed to use Richards tools (which is fair cause he doesn't use mine.)

  17. Fab find those pumpkins! It was nice to read about your thoughts. Oh that part about bookshops and libraries sounds so great! Books are close to my heart. Enjoy the rest of the week!!

  18. I kind of envy you for finding such cool Halloween stuff in your stores - in Germany Halloween is just about becoming a bit more popular, but I can hardly ever find something that would suit for my projects... - A very interesting "interview", thanks for taking the time to answer the questions.


  19. Bellissime le lanterne ed anche il tuo orsetto!kiss!

  20. Hi Jennifer, nice find your pumpkins! Over here in Holland there are is not much to find about halloween, allthough here in my region :( I have to make my own Halloween miniatures ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  21. Me encantan esas calabazas, menudo hallazgo. Creo que es importante conocer un poco más a la gente.

  22. Jennifer, it was so great to learn more about you. Thank you for a interview! -Your lanterns are wonderful found! Unfortunately we don't One Dollar shops. Or even One Euro.. -You'll have something to show this weekend? Can not wait to see!

  23. It was interesting to read your responses to the interview, Jennifer! It appears that we have a lot in common! Looking forward to what you have for us this weekend!

  24. What a great idea! I love Halloween stuff, it would be so cool to see a dollhouse all decorated for Halloween!

  25. Hi, dear Jennifer!
    Very very nice these pumpkins that you found at the Dollar Store! :)
    Very nice to have the chance to know you better through this challenge, I really like your answers... you are a great woman!
    Thank you for sharing a little bit of you with us!

  26. Hello Jennifer,
    Great finds. those are awsome. It's lovely to get to know more about such a lovely person.
    big hug,

  27. Hello Jennifer, the idea of pumpkins is genius!! I know a little bit more better. Kisses in your coraçãos

  28. Love the story of how you back into minis! Will have to hunting in the dollar store for those straws... too cool! -Ara

  29. Me encantan esas pajitas de calabaza.
    Que bien!!! cuántas cositas sabemos de ti.
    Mil besos...Julia.

  30. Dear Jennifer, now I will spend my (little) free time to read all the posts back to your blog, because any news from you is a breath of positivity and creativity :-)
    This is a really difficult period for me, and I am so honored to be on your blog with my work ... I am honored and touched, because the appreciation of friends is what makes our lives better, and helps us to overcome the difficulties.
    Thank you, dear friend.

  31. What a tremendous honor! Thank you so very much for mentioning my work in this wonderful post! It was certainly nice to read the entire interview and learn more about you. But, I was especially touched that you noted my shop and even linked to it! That was truly kind and sweet of you. And again, a great honor!
    Many, many thanks:)
    P.S.--Excellent idea with the Dollar Store pumpkin heads!!!

  32. Hola, que calabacitas más lindas. Me gustan los test, así te conocemos mucho más. Ah! Enhorabuena por el premio, es una linda mesa con montones de minis preciosas. Besos

  33. Cute pumpkins, good idea! Nice to learn more about you :)

  34. Hi!
    It was really nice to read those answers :) Thanks!
    Hugs, Ninni

  35. Love hearing the answers to these questions! Also wanted to add my own little thing about Finland: Tove Jansson is from Finland. She wrote and illustrated the Moomin Books and wrote novels, too. She is amazing and I love her stories and her artwork! So many talented crafters, artists, and designers ( for example, the amazing textile designers of Merrimekko) come out of Finland!


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