Saturday, December 15, 2012

Waiting to Open the Presents

Sophie can hardly wait to open her gifts. She keeps sitting by the tree, squeezing and rattling each present. When, oh when can she open them?

She and Flossy have been baking again. Look at what (or who?) made it to the top of the tree!

Speaking of amazing gifts, here's a teeny tiny miniature winter scene made by Volker Arnold and given to me by Birgit of BiWuBaren on the Blog. Do you see all of the details? Can you believe it is extremely thin laser cut wood?

I committed a "faux paw" (faux pas), I'm afraid, when I painted it white, but I just love how it looks in Cupcake Cottage's shabby chic bedroom. Thank you again, Birgit! You sent so many generous gifts!

Now it's time for some hot chocolate and gingerbread men, a gift from Sophie and Flossy to all of you, dear readers. Please have a a sip and a bite. Is it tasty?

The wonderful hot chocolate set is by Beverly of Cute in Miniature on Etsy. Her combination of realism, vintage charm, and fun in dollhouse miniature food is unstoppable! Check out her shop and enjoy!

Until next time, keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Hello Jennifer hai ricevuto dei doni bellissimi! I tuoi ginger sono spettacolai! Kiss!

  2. Hello Jennifer

    Mmmm! Hot chocolate I could need. It looks so cosy in your house. The wooden winter landscape from Birgit and Flutterby are so gorgeous. Do you realy paint it in white? I like white too, but this wood are so bright

    Nice weekend

  3. Your Christmas scenery looks so ready already :) Wonderful with Hot chocolate drinks and cookies: so relaxing! :)

  4. I understand that Sophie found it difficult to wait to open her gifts.
    It is a very nice winter scene, and the color makes it super nice. Lovely cakes and it looks so cozy.

  5. yo tampoco puedo esperar para abrir los regalos ....!

  6. Hahaha loooove the top of the Cristmas tree! Sweet!
    I also have one of Brigit's teeny tiny scenes, white or not aren't they fantastic?
    Have I evern mentioned I love the way you photograph your creatures Jennifer? Well, I do! Great photos!

  7. The wooden tiny winder scene Birgit sent you is just stunning. I love the table with the sweet treats. The gingerbread cookies look so tasty!
    Sophie and Flossy are going to have a wonderful Christmas.
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Hi Jennifer, what a lovely post :)
    I know what sophie is going through, I was exactly the same as a child, my mother always told me STOP rattling the presents hahaha .
    The christmas tree with the presents looks soooo sweet and I love the top:)
    Cupecake cottage is a wonderful, cozy place to be at christmas, thank you for the hot chocolate and gingerbread men dear Sophie and Flossy !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  9. La impaciencia ante los regalos es algo que nos pasa a todos.

    Besos, Narán

  10. Hello Jennifer,
    yes, I take a hot choclate and also I love gingerbread. Beverly is a great artist. The little winter scene from Birgit is so cute. Enjoy.
    And Sophie, only 9 days more, then you can open the gifts. I hope Jennifer is very generous to you and Flossy ;)
    Hugs from Craftland

  11. I love this scene!!!
    I love the gifts and Flossy and her friend are totaly alive!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  12. Poor Sophie I know the feeling lol I have some Christmas swap gifts under my tree and its soooo hard not to open them :D The little scene from Birgit is gorgeous. Mmmm I love hot chocolate so thank you Sophie and Flossy its yummy :)Jennifer your pictures are wonderful as always.
    Hugs Maria

  13. So nice Christmas tree! I know how do you feel when you want to open the presents and you can't :)Lolita and I send you and Sophie lots of kisses and hugs:) Merry Christmas!!!

  14. Ah, such cozy and cute scenes! Beautifully presented and shot. I love how Sophie sits anxiously awaiting the moment she can open her gifts. We all know that feeling :o)
    I also love the stunning gift from Birgit. It's very pretty. And of course, I'm delighted to sit down for a cup of creamy hot chocolate and yummy gingerbread cookies! Thank you ever so much, Jennifer, and big hugs!

  15. Don't worry, dear - if you like it white better it's up to you! ;O) Usually this kind of Christmas decoration is only bare wood, but in the meantime there are some coloured ones, too. And we should not forget that this kind of decoration comes from what we call a "Schwibbogen", the traditional ones have a bow and they were made by poor miners in an area near to Dresden and Leipzig and it symbolizes the end of the mine's tunnel - and the hope for light. So what could fit better than painting it white? And please tell Sophie she shall be brave, she can stand that temptation - opening Christmas presents too early would be like robbing yourself... ;O)


  16. Poor Sophie, only 10 more days and you can open your gifts :) The gingerbread men are so cute and the hot chocolate looks yummy!


  17. I love this wonderful post Jennifer!! It reminds me of the excitement I used to feel when I was a little girl. I used to squeeze and shake all my presents and I found it so hard to wait :) I love the little hot chocolate set and the gingerbread men, what wonderful purchases, they are so perfect!!! Big hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  18. Lovely little scenes, Jennifer! I love those gingerbread cookies! You have such a knack for setting up scenes. But then, your characters are so endearing!

  19. Poor Sopie. But only 8 days left!!
    Great gifts and a fantastic christmas tree!!!

  20. Che tenera Sophie!! Coraggio, ormai manca pochissimo!! Bellissimo il regalo di Birgit, hai fatto bene a dipingerlo di bianco è perfetta con l'ambiente!
    Io accetto molto una bella cioccolata calda, anche se in verità qui a catania ci sono circa 20°C !!
    Un bacio e buona Domenica,

  21. I am the same as Sophie- I am so impatient when it comes to presents and spend ages feeling and rattling them! I wonder what's inside Sophie's presents....

    I love the little candycanes on the tree by the way- they fit in perfectly with cupcake cottage! And the little wooden winter scene is amazingly intricate!

  22. How I love this Christmas scene: waiting untill you can unpack the presents can be hard ;) The hot chocolat and the gingerbread men are wonderful, nice purchases, Jennifer. The gorgeous gift of Birgit is so sweet of her, enjoy it.
    Hugs, Ilona

  23. OMG!! I think these are the cutest photos ever!!!

    So much Christmas atmosphere, so many sweet little things in there I feel I must shrink down and join Flossy and Sophie immediately!!

    ML Fi xx

  24. Hey Jennifer,

    die Bilder sind wirklich toll geworden und stellen eine schöne Szene dar. Und über Geschenke freut man sich ja besonders....!

    In diesem Sinne herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße an Dich

    PuNo / Monika

  25. Hello Jennifer,
    I wish I could spend the day in your cottage. It looks so lovely and so full of holiday fun (and food). Hang in there, present opening will be soon.
    Big hug,

  26. Hi Jennifer, looks beautiful and cozy, you did a great job with the Christmas decorations and cookies look delicious ....

    Plush shop

  27. A wonderful Christmas Eve! Beautiful Christmas tree, gifts and delicious desserts are great!

  28. Preciosa escena Navideña!!!!
    Que nervios,,,,cuando esperas para abrir tus regalosssss jejeje
    besitos ascension

  29. Preciosa escena.
    Que el año próximo sea para ti tan dulce como ella, lleno de ilusión y fantasía.
    Creatividad, mucha, para que nos sigas mostrando tu talento.

  30. Se la ve feliz con todos los preparativos de las Navidades. Es una escena encantadora.

  31. Your photos are always amazing! Goodness I love the mini gingerbread men and the hot chocolate!

  32. The winter scene is fantastic! And the chocolate set is so cute. Lovely photos again!


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