Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Made a Mini Teddy Bear!

I'm feeling under the weather, so this is just a quick post with recent shots taken in Dad's Dollhouse.

This miniature teddy bear is my first attempt at sewing one myself. He's made from vintage wool felt, embroidery thread, and silk ribbon, and he's stuffed with bamboo fiberfill. At 1 1/8 inches (2.6 cm) tall, he's tiny!

See--he's getting along nicely with the other bears! Keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vintage Cookbook for Mid-Century Modern House

I recently bought this vintage-style Betty Crocker cookbook for my mid-century dollhouse. Isn't it cute? I love vintage! Caterina of Le Minis di Cockerina blog made it. I bought it in her Etsy shop.

In other news, I've received three more blog awards from sweet bloggers.

Carmen of MA PETIT MAISON blog, Maria of diary of a miniaturist blog, and Cote of Las cosas de Cote blog all gave me the "A Hug for Your Comments" Award. It's easy to leave nice comments when people have such nice blogs! If you haven't visited these blogs, you're definitely missing something fun! Thank you, Carmen, Maria, and Cote.

I pass this blog award on to all of Plushpussycat's regular commenters. Thank you for your kind words--they really mean a lot! Here's to more fun! xoxo Jennifer

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dollhouse Miniatures on the Oregon Coast

My husband and I recently took a trip to the Oregon coast. As usual, my goal was to scout out dollhouse miniatures.

From Portland, we took Highway 26 to Cannon Beach, where I spent time at both locations of The Butler Did It Antiques. Both locations have baskets filled with miniature accessories, most of which are vintage or antique. In addition, sometimes there are Renwal and/or other dollhouse miniatures in glassed-in cases. Both stores also carry vintage and antique fabrics, laces, and seam binding, perfect for dollhouse miniature projects.

That day, I purchased some pretty antique pink seam binding that I used to make tiny dollhouse hand towels.

Exterior of Dot's Doll House in Rocking Horse Mall

After scouring the area for more dollhouse miniatures (no luck!), we took Highway 101 south to Lincoln City, the home of Dot's Doll House, located in the Rocking Horse Mall.

Interior of Dot's Doll House

Every time I visit Dot's Doll House, I find a new treasure. This time it was dollhouse magazines, miniature laces and trims, and two things I'd been searching for extensively. First, after much searching online, Dot's had a mini can of Old Dutch cleaner for Cupcake Cottage:

And finally, I found these authentic-style mini pictures for my Victorian stereoscopic viewer at Dot's:

The Butler Did It Antiques, 240 N Hemlock (503) 436-1791 and 124 N Hemlock (503) 436-2598, both in Cannon Beach, Oregon, 97110.

Dot's Doll House, Rocking Horse Mall, 1542 NE Highway 101, Lincoln City, Oregon, 97367 (541) 994-4647.

Linclon City, Oregon at sunset

Keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Drora's Precious Gifts

Drora of Drora's minimundo blog sent me some precious dollhouse miniatures! She is a master at making miniature plants, so when she asked me if there was anything she'd made that I wanted, I jumped at the chance for one of her beautiful plants. Here is Drora's gorgeous philodendron, looking like it was meant to sit on the patio of my mid-century modern ranch dollhouse:

And she sent all of these wonders, including a miniature strawberry plant, ceramic pieces made by her daughter Nilly, and a tiny heart-shaped jewelry box with matching necklace and earring set--wow!

I've placed the miniature ceramic water pitcher, bowl, and strawberry plant in Dad's Dollhouse's country kitchen:

The pitcher fits perfectly in this country kitchen setting.

Drora's delicate strawberry plant is exquisite!

The strawberry plant rests on the windowsill above the bowl of fresh veggies as Mavis Mouse fries eggs in the foreground. Of course, her cheese is close at hand! And the exquisite miniature ceramic chamber pot is resting on the bathroom floor of Dad's Dollhouse:

Sneak peek of the remodeled bathroom in Dad's Dollhouse.

I love everything you sent, Drora! Thank you so much for your friendship and for your thoughtful gifts. If you don't know Drora's blog, you're missing something special. She shares wonderful miniature tutorials and holds frequent giveaways. She's also a dear person and a bona fide miniature treasure. 

Keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cookie Fight!

"Oh, yummy! Chocolate chip cookies!!!"

Uh, oh! Cookie fight!

Don't worry, dear readers. Cupcake Cottage's newest inhabitants are still friends. They worked everything out with the law of the jungle. See, Leoncio the lion is still friends with little Gino the guinea pig:

And Candy the bear is acting like a little lady again. ;-)

All three of these irresistibly cute critters were made by LugArt petit. I won their blog giveaway a few months back. You can see the very cute prizes I won on my previous post. I bought these three critters, however, very recently--who could resist?!

The two sisters from Barcelona behind LugArt petit, Maria Jose and Monica, make the cutest miniature critters, kitchen items, food, handbags, and more! Be sure to check out their shop on Etsy for a daily dose of cuteness! Keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Field of Foxgloves

I was so inspired by Vicky of Lovejoy Minis' recent post about her gardens, both real and miniature, that I just had to go out to my own garden and attempt some photographs myself. First, I went under the grape arbor and found my favorite peony in bloom:

Then this bumble bee was hard at work on another flower in the shade of the arbor:

Aaaahhh! We have a field of foxgloves this year! It makes the whole garden feel magical!

The patterns inside the foxgloves are so intricate.

There are lots of lady bugs in the garden.

This last photo is my favorite. Do you see the bumble bee hard at work? Wow! Click on the photo to see it close up.

For more gorgeous foxgloves, and a sneak peek at Vicky's miniature garden, check out her blog post here.

I recently received this beautiful award from three sweet people, Maria of Pretty Things Ireland blog, Maribel of Miniaturas Isabel blog, and Carmen of Mi Pequena Evasion blog. Maria is one of the sweetest people ever, and every time I read her blog I feel a big wave of love hit me. Go see for yourself and tell me if I'm wrong! ;-) Thank you so much, Maria! Maribel leaves wonderful comments herself, and her blog always shows something interesting, from her miniatures to her travels, with beautiful photographs. Don't miss it! Thank you so much, Maribel! Carmen is one of the most creative miniaturists I know, and she has so many mini friends. You must see her blog to know what I'm talking about. Thank you so much, Carmen!

As always, I share these awards with everyone reading this blog. Your presence makes blogging fun and meaningful. Thank you so much for being here and for leaving your sweet comments. Keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer 

Monday, June 11, 2012


Check out this amazing animated video using clay figures and whimsical dollhouse miniatures. It's a love story and only lasts two minutes. I promise it's worth it! Put on the sound to hear the lovely lyrics, if you like. :-)

Keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Friday, June 8, 2012

Won Giveaway From Honey, I Shrunk the House!

Audra of  Honey, I Shrunk the House! blog (isn't that a fun dollhouse miniatures blog name?) recently had a giveaway, and I won! I was so pleasantly surprised. Audra sent me this hand crafted miniature fern plant (shown in Dad's Dollhouse parlor) and a $20 gift certificate to Happily Ever After dollhouse miniatures shop.

Audra's fern next to Mieke's handmade memory box in Dad's Dollhouse.

As soon as I knew I won, I rushed to Happily Ever After's web site and did some window shopping. Then when I received the gift certificate, I completed my transaction. I bought the Reutter Porcelain canning and preserve set:

The set includes everything but the cupcakes!
The item in back is a canning pot with lid.

Isn't it cute? I love little glass canning jars filled with fruits and veggies, canned foods, and miniature kitchen utensils like this whisk and can opener. What a thrill!

Bigger picture view of Cupcake Cottage.

Thank you so much, Audra! I loved her giveaway, and I really enjoy following her blog. If you haven't seen it, please do take a look. Keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Monday, June 4, 2012

Plushpussycat Momentarily Loses Her Purse

"Where is my purse?" Plushpussycat asked aloud. "I'm all ready to go shopping, but first I must find my purse."

Plushpussycat steps outside the door. "Ah! Here it is!"

"Now it's time for some fun!"

Plushpussycat's precious 1:12 scale Enid Collins purse was handmade by pinehaven. Check out her Etsy shop and blog, The Little House at Pine Haven. Keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Remember This Gorgeous Hutch?

Remember this gorgeous hutch? The hutch that Vicky of Lovejoy Minis made for me? I'm still in awe of her beautiful gifts. Here's a new shot of the hutch and Vicky's other presents in Cupcake Cottage:

And guess what? Vicky recently received the gifts I made for her, and she's written a beautiful post with lovely photos of them. Run over to Vicky's blog now, and see what you think! Here's the link to her post. Keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer