Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time to Meet the Shopkeeper

Last time, Sophie the bear was trying to keep Luna the puppy from gorging on delicious cake. Now Sophie takes a closer look at all of the colorful cakes in the cake shop. "Oh, how I miss baking cakes since I've moved into my own house. Flossy the bunny and I were busy from dawn until dusk baking desserts in Cupcake Cottage. Those were such sweet times."

Luna makes a small whimpering sound and jumps on Sophie's leg. Sophie looks up. "Welcome to my cake shop!" chirps a sweet bluebird.

Sophie and the bluebird-shopkeeper start chatting like old friends. The shopkeeper is very outgoing and friendly. "Please sit down for a piece of cake." "Oh, I wish I could," says Sophie, but I must get home. It will be dark soon." "No problem! I hope you'll come back soon. You're welcome to my cake shop anytime!" says the bluebird.

"I will definitely come back tomorrow, and I'll bring my friend Flossy with me. Goodbye! See you soon!" "Goodbye!"

Sophie hurries home to call Flossy with all of the exciting news. "Imagine that! A bluebird owns a new cake shop in town."

Now, dear readers, I must ask your advice on a name for our new bluebird character. She makes friends easily and is honest and trustworthy too. If I ultimately choose a name you suggest, I'll send you a special prize. Be a follower of this blog and leave any name suggestions in a comment or comments on this post. I'll announce a winner within a couple of weeks. Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mini Shabby Cake Shop Exterior

Last time I showed some photos of the inside of Sophie and Flossy's new neighborhood cake shop. Now let's take a peek inside the shop from the outside:

I'll add more flower pots to the front of the shop as I have time to make them, and I'll change the cakes at times too (see below).

Here's a bonus shot from inside my studio. You can see the whole interior of the cake shop, a little of the exterior, plus the behind-the-scenes lighting set-up. It's the real story behind the story. :-)

I've been making more miniature cakes. It's too hot here for baking polymer clay, but I've been doing it anyway. :-) Next blog post I'll show you some more tasty-looking cakes, and maybe some disasters too! :-D Until next time, keep it fun, and stay cool! xoxo Jennifer

Friday, July 19, 2013

Sophie Discovers a Cake Shop

I was so inspired by making that first mini cake that I built a whole cake shop! All of the cakes are old-fashioned homemade-style cakes. You may recognize this building, actually. It's the Greenleaf Primrose dollhouse that I won in a giveaway a while back. My husband recently glued it back together after it arrived in the mail from Greece in several pieces.

Sophie the bear has just discovered the new cake shop while out walking Luna the puppy. The shop feels so cool and refreshing after being out in the heat of the day.

That yummy strawberry coconut cake arrived out of the blue from
Natasha of Eat Cake Miniatures while I was building the cake shop.

Luna heads straight for the table, laden with yummy food, while Sophie takes in the scene.

Luna wants some yummy cake NOW! She lets out a howl.

Mmm, everything looks so tasty!

Sophie calls Luna away from the table. "Come here, Luna! That isn't for you. Be a good girl!"

This project was so fun! My creative energy was in full force, as I painted, cut, and glued for about two weeks straight. Anytime I had a spare moment, I made something for the cake shop. I used furniture from my stash, and then I painted it and updated it with shabby paper and fabric. I even made two more cakes for the shop and bought the perfect pink cake from Beverly of Cute in Miniature on Etsy.

Next time I'll show you views of the shop from the outside. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! I appreciate your comments so much too. Thank you, Natasha, for sending two beautiful cakes and to all of the blog friends whose gifts have added so much to this project. Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It All Started With This Cake....

I felt inspired to follow this miniature cake tutorial that I found on Pinterest.

Not bad for my first ever attempt at a polymer clay miniature cake, eh? It's a rich chocolate cake with creamy vanilla frosting.

Then one thing led to another. ;-) 

I had so much fun creating something totally unexpected. I'll show you more about this new project next time. :-D 

Good news: all my greeting cards are back in stock and are in stores around the Portland area as well as in my Etsy shop. Thank you so much for your precious comments. I read every one of them and treasure your blog friendships. I hope you're all staying healthy and cool and having lots of fun too! xoxo Jennifer