Friday, December 20, 2013

Gifts Galore!

One of the lovely side benefits of having blog friends in the miniatures community is the lovely gifts exchanged during the holiday season and on birthdays. My holidays have become so much sweeter since I started Plushpussycat blog, and this year has been no exception. Can you see how happy Strawberry Shortcake is?

It's no wonder! She received this exquisite hand-knitted sweater from Maria of Pretty Things Ireland blog. I love the colors, and the yarn is so delicate and soft. Maria, however, didn't stop with the gorgeous sweater! Even my little baby Sylvanian Families bunny got a pretty crocheted dress. Now she feels like a princess!

Maria also sent all of these treasures:

Oops! Maria also sent yummy chocolates, but they didn't
make it into this photo! ;-)

She sent so many cute things that I can use in upcoming scenes. Everything is so lovingly made and darling. Thank you so much for your beautiful, thoughtful gifts, Maria. You are a treasured friend!

Next up, I received some exquisitely made miniatures, including handmade miniature paper flowers, from Drora of Drora's Minimundo blog:

Pictures cannot do these beauties justice, but believe me, they're even more gorgeous in person. I know that some of these flowers will go on the front stoop of Bluebelle's Cake Shop. :-) I adore the delicate knitting basket and handmade Santa and elf that Drora included too. Drora is such a talented artist and special friend. Thank you so much for all of these thoughtful and beautiful gifts!

Last but not least, I received a special package from Birgit of BiWuBaren on the Blog:

Birgit sent a beautiful handmade card with a picture of Flutterby the bear inside, some delicious marzipan candy, a darling glass piggy that reminds me of my guinea pig Rufus, a gorgeous handmade wreath that is already hanging in Strawberry Shortcake's house, another beautiful wooden ornament, and a special raccoon friend for her "darling" Raccoon! Too cute! Thank you so much for these special and thoughtful gifts, Birgit. I'm so grateful for your friendship.

What amazing friends! Thank you all for brightening my holidays. And thank you to everyone reading this post and to those who leave comments. I appreciate you all so much! Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bear Cabin!

Finally, Sophie the bear really has a home of her own. Flossy the bunny kindly let her stay at Cupcake Cottage as long as she liked, but Sophie really wanted her own place where she could express her own personality. Not to say anything disrespectful about Flossy, but her place was just too "girly" for Sophie. :-)

Now that she's in her own home, she has prepared a delicious banana pancake feast for herself and her dog, Luna:

Gorgeous banana pancake set by Kim Saulter.

It looks so yummy, but where's Sophie? She's not by the stove:

Where is she, then? Oh, dear! All that cooking has exhausted Sophie, and she and Luna are taking a much-needed rest. The pancakes will have to wait!

Welcome to my new followers. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Don't forget the mini desserts giveaway with gorgeous cakes and pie by Kim Saulter. You can still enter it on the giveaway post. Thank you to everyone for your visits and your sweet comments. Until next time, keep it fun! xo Jennifer

Friday, December 6, 2013

First Snow!

Hello everyone! It's the first day of snow for us here in Portland, Oregon. We haven't seen snow for many months. Brrr! It's very cold here! Coincidentally, I received a darling giveaway prize from Jane of Jane Cherie blog:

It's a mini Lalaloopsy doll named Holly Sleighbells. Just looking at her makes me smile. She comes with the darling accessories you see, including the popsicle, sled, reindeer, and red bag of toys. Oops! She dropped her popsicle! ;-)

I just love following Jane Cherie's blog. She speaks from the heart, and she shows us the things that are happening in her life, which are also interesting. I've learned so much about dollhouses, Sylvanian Families, Lalaloopsy dolls, vintage children's books, and so much more! I highly recommend Jane's blog. Thank you again, Jane. I love my prize!

Speaking of Sylvanian Families, someone new has moved into the 1960 tin dollhouse I received from my father last Christmas:

Mama cat has just baked some yummy bread and is pulling it out of the oven for a tasty breakfast treat. It will be perfect on such a cold winter day! There's so much going on with the tin dollhouse that I'll have to show you more later. :-)

Oh, don't forget! I have a giveaway going on with three prizes, all amazing mini desserts made by Kim Saulter. Leave a comment on the giveaway post to enter!

Thank you all for your ongoing support of this blog. I appreciate your comments so much! Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer