Saturday, November 22, 2014

Candy Floss Cart for Flossy!

Our dear friend Monica of Kitchen Miniature blog (with so many delicious miniature foods!) said she'd like to send us a little friendship package and what would we like? I mentioned that I would love a mini cotton candy cart / candy floss cart for Flossy (she's named "Flossy" because she looks like candy floss, after all!).

Monica, being the sweet and dear friend that she is, willingly and lovingly made it, even though the project was a lot of work. Then she sent a package with even more special gifts, including all of these beauties:

Even the packaging was so lovely that Flossy wants to use the pink with white polka dot container on the floor as a dressing table seat! There's some of Monica's famous mini food (lollipops in a jar and Halloween treats), a gorgeous clay jack-o-lantern, a tiny key with a beautiful knotted key chain, a tiny Blythe doll box that will go straight to the Hello Kitty dollhouse with the LPS Blythe dolls, a couple of darling tea towels, a beautiful locket on a chain with a cupcake motif inside, and a bag full of delicate fall leaves. Monica's daughter Neus sent a beautiful handmade card too (not pictured).

Flossy and Sophie want to show you the cotton candy cart now. Here's the front:

"Life is Sweet"

And here's the back:

Wow! The cart, and all of these precious gifts, fit so well in Flossy and Sophie's world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Monica! You're so generous with your time and talent. Forgive me for taking so long to post about your gorgeous and generous gifts. Monica's gifts arrived just before Halloween, but I had other gifts that arrived first, and other things got in the way. Thank you so much for your patience! You've made Flossy a very, very happy bunny!

Next time: someone new! Until then, keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Saturday, November 15, 2014

French Gifts for Flossy and Sophie, Part 2

Last time I showed you the gorgeous handcrafted dollhouse miniatures that Capucine sent Flossy and Sophie all the way from France. Now it's time for Sophie to show the amazing gifts that Capucine sent just for her.

Flossy was sipping a cup of hot chocolate when she received a telephone call. Who could it be? Of course! It's her good friend Sophie calling from Brambleberry Cabin on her new Rilakkuma telephone made by Capucine!

Sophie has invited Flossy to visit to see the gorgeous gifts Capucine sent her. While Sophie waits for Flossy to arrive, she'll give us an exclusive first tour. Sophie models the new Hello Kitty sleep mask that Capucine sent. It fits Sophie perfectly, and it helps her get good quality sleep too!

The Rilakkuma pillow under Sophie's head and the Hello Kitty slippers were both gifts from Capucine too! Aren't they all adorable? Sophie loves them all! Now it's on to some tasty food! This darling Re-Ment Rilakkuma Home Made cooking set was sent by Capucine.

Sophie will save this to share with Flossy when she arrives. The two tarts look delicious, and we know how much Flossy loves sweets! Sophie will eat the one shaped like a bear, and Flossy can have the one shaped like a chick! Before Flossy arrives, however, Sophie cannot wait to eat this yummy Re-Ment ALOHA Hawaii hamburger with slices of fresh avocado:

Mmm, it smells heavenly, and it has lots of good protein for growing bears like Sophie! Sophie will drench the burger in ketchup and wash the whole meal down with the yummy cola drink that Capucine included. OK, it's good-bye for now, while Sophie enjoys her lunch! Thank you so much for all of these amazing and thoughtful gifts, Capucine! You are a very talented, dear, and thoughtful friend!

To see Capucine's other gifts to us, see my two previous posts here and here. Visit Capucine's darling blogs at Capucine and Ninour and Cherie et sa fine equipe. The stories will make you laugh out loud, and her cheery images will make your day brighter! You can also see what I sent to Capucine on this post.

Next time, I'll show you some sweet and special gifts from another dear friend, plus there is "someone" new in my life. I hope to show it all in my next post! Until then, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

French Gifts for Flossy and Sophie, Part 1

Last time I showed you some amazing gifts from my new friend Capucine in France. She sent gorgeous kawaii Halloween treats and dresses for my Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls. Now it's time to see what Flossy and Sophie received from Capucine. Flossy invited Sophie to Cupcake Cottage to play with her new dollhouse with its resident rabbit family!

Look at the dollhouse's beautiful strawberry design:

And look inside! This house will provide hours and hours of fun for the girls. And did you notice Flossy's new skirt with matching bow and bag? It was hand sewn with hand painted flowers on the skirt by Capucine too! Flossy loves her new outfit! :-)

While Flossy and Sophie play, you can see the Mini Flossy and Mini Sophie that Capucine's daughter made. Their arms and legs move just like the Big Flossy and Big Sophie too! Thank you for these precious gifts!

We look just like the Big Flossy and Big Sophie! 

Wow! After all of that fun play, Sophie the bear was getting VERY hungry. No problem! Flossy has a selection of French desserts for Sophie and Flossy to share:

Mmm, look at the details on those yummy treats, all made by Capucine! Even the croissants look flaky and realistic. My mouth is watering looking at them again!

Ahh, dessert finished, there's another gorgeous addition to Cupcake Cottage. It's an amazing hand painted grocery list chalk board. Flossy will walk to the kitchen window to show it to you:

Carrots, honey, salad, fish, milk, radish, bonbons!

The grocery list is perfect, with some tasty treats for both girls on the list! And now one final gift to show you today, it's a beautiful hand painted box:

Jouets de Paris--Paris Toys

But look, when Flossy and Sophie hold it open for you, you can see what is inside the box:

It's a bunch of cute, handmade by Capucine, Kawaii pencils with characters such as Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma! Already, Sophie has picked her favorite pencil:

And speaking of Sophie, she has her own gifts from Capucine to show you, in Part 2 of this post, coming soon! Please check out Capucine's two blogs, Capucine and Ninour and Cherie et sa fine equipe. Both blogs have laugh-out-loud funny stories with her wonderful characters, and she has Google Friend Connect gadgets on both blogs, so you can be sure to never miss one of her darling posts. :-)

Thank you for all of these precious gifts, Capucine. You are very talented and very thoughtful, and Flossy and Sophie love everything you sent! Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Party!

Strawberry Shortcake and friends went traveling over the summer and never returned. So now some Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls have moved into the Hello Kitty dollhouse. Tonight they're having a Halloween party to celebrate the holiday and new friends.

One of our new friends, Capucine of Capucine and Ninour blog and Cherie et sa fine equipe blogs has given us some amazing Halloween gifts, just perfect for the Halloween party. First, look at this adorable Rilakkuma Halloween cake with matching chocolate pumpkin lollipops:

Mmm, everyone agrees that everything looks really tasty. Then one girl thinks she has seen something across the room:

Ooh, maybe she saw a ghost? Or a zombie? ;-)

Meanwhile, upstairs the other girls are preparing their costumes for the party, all handmade by Capucine. They look so good in these cute outfits that one friend insists on taking a group photo:

Happy Halloween!!! Thank you to Capucine for providing the delicious food and costumes for the party. Visit her two blogs to see darling, funny stories in miniature. Next time I'll show you the other amazing minis this talented artist sent. Until then, keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Friday, October 10, 2014

Bluebelle and Sophie Give Thanks!

Poor Bluebelle! She was working all day in her cake shop with nowhere to sleep after a hard day's work! Now she finally has a sleeping nook in the rafters of her shop where she can sleep at night or even take a cat nap in the middle of the day, when there are no customers, of course. ;-)

Look how peacefully she rests on her perch in the rafters! I think she's snoring! tee hee!

And then she can fly down to the cake shop to start another day! Bluebelle is definitely doing a little happy dance and giving thanks for her new bedroom, and it wouldn't have been completed nearly as quickly if I hadn't seen Jane's post on using foam core board in miniature building. (Shh! I didn't even have to glue in the loft, since I cut the foam core board slightly large and squeezed it between the walls of the cake shop! It's very stable and so simple! ;-))

Next, Sophie is giving thanks for two things. First, we won Lisa's amazing autumn "Give Thanks" giveaway over at Mini Addictions blog, and Lisa wrapped everything so beautifully and sent so many gorgeous prizes and extra gifts! Mmm, look at that tasty pumpkin pie and those gorgeous Georgia peaches in a handmade basket!

But that's not all! Lisa also sent all these goodies, including this incredible dollhouse miniature Halloween rug:

Can you believe how tiny the stitches are?! Lisa used a magnifier to make it--what a very generous and thoughtful gift! Thank you so much for all of these autumn treasures, Lisa--we love everything you sent. Check out Lisa's blog, Mini Addictions, if you haven't already. She's a very talented miniaturist with a fun blog and amazing giveaways!

There's one more thing that Sophie is giving thanks for: my husband cut some extra windows in Sophie's house:

Now I can get better light in Sophie's cabin for taking photographs. Sophie loves her new windows and is planning to put some pretty curtains up next. Where's Flossy? She's ecstatic with the gifts she received in the mail from a very talented artist. One of the gifts is a pretty new outfit, which Flossy is trying on right now. :-) You'll see Flossy in the next post! Until then, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Flossy and Bluebelle Beat the Heat!

We've been having a heatwave again here in Portland. It feels like the summer has been one long heatwave. Luckily for Flossy and Bluebelle, they've got yummy tropical drinks to help them beat the heat.

The coconut drinks are so cooling, in fact, that Flossy and Bluebelle feel as if they've been transported to a tropical paradise:

Meanwhile, Flossy has been baking again. This time she made chocolate chip cookies and strawberry waffles...

...AND two kinds of cake!

Mmm, if the drinks aren't enough to take their minds off the heat, these tasty treats will do the trick! Bluebelle makes a mental note to come visit Flossy's Cupcake Cottage more often. ;-)

Hope you all are doing well! Making mini food is a lot of fun! Until next time, keep having fun, whatever you're doing! xoxo Jennifer

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fun New Blog Friend!

I felt really lucky the day I found Ann Sanz's fun blog, El arte de Angelina. She makes beautiful miniature foods and more, and I love looking at things like that, so I was happy.

Look at that yummy whipped cream!

Soon I became a regular commentor on Ann's blog, and then I received a wonderful surprise. Ann wrote me that she was so grateful that I was her first follower that she wanted to send me a gift. Then Ann sent me the gorgeous mixer above plus these Re-Ment donut set goodies:

Ice cold drinks on a hot day!

And all of these treasures too:

So many yummy things!

Wow! So many cute Re-Ment minis plus sweet handmade miniatures made by Ann herself! I was in the middle of sending a thank-you note, when I decided to go through all of Ann's blog posts. There I found the sweetest little brownie scene. The brownies were luscious looking, and the heart-shaped table was so adorable. Then I noticed that the whole scene, including the table and chair, was available in Ann's Etsy shop.

For sale NOW in Ann's Etsy shop!

I made my order quickly, before anyone could get to my prized set, and when it arrived, it came with the sweetest gravy boat filled with chocolate and an extra pink tablecloth (equally adorable). Plus, just as I had imagined, this set was the perfect pick-me-up for Flossy's little Cupcake Cottage sitting room--yay!

Mmm, look at those yummy brownies! Flossy is taking a well-deserved break from baking cupcakes to sit back and enjoy some fresh brownies for a nice change of pace. :-)

Thank you so much for everything, Ann! It was already enough to follow your sweet blog, but all of your gifts are wonderful icing on the cake! ;-) I'm so glad to have met you, my fun new blog friend!

If you haven't seen Ann's blog or her Etsy shop, I highly recommend them. She's got that homemade, shabby thing going that's so adorable, plus she regularly has tutorials on her blog for how to make mini foods! And she's selling some fantastic Halloween items in her Etsy shop right now--check it out! Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sylvanian Families Squirrel Friend!

You've seen my 1960s Instant Dollhouse ranch house before, but you haven't seen the new hamster family that moved in! Father hamster and the kids are finishing chili dogs for lunch in the living room...

...while mother hamster starts cleaning up in the kitchen:

Oh! There's someone at the door! It's a new squirrel sister in the village who has come over to see if the hamster sister can play.

It doesn't take long before the two girls are fast friends having a blast playing dolls together. Mama hamster caught the two by surprise when she took this photo of them mid-play:

Sweet squirrel sister was a gift from sweet friend Jane Cherie of  Jane Cherie blog. Squirrel sister is a great addition to my Sylvanian Families village! Jane Cherie also sent all of these gorgeous gifts, including a beautiful Little Mimi Little Red Riding Hood doll from Korea, mini food erasers, Totoro and friends figures, an adorable kitty figure, and some sweet stickers:

Thank you so much, Jane Cherie. You make blogging such a joy! Check out the fun and interesting Jane Cherie blog to learn more about Sylvanian Families, dolls, Re-Ment miniatures, and so much more! Until next time, keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Sylvanian Families "Orphans"

Today I'll show you a little more of my Sylvanian Families village while introducing some new SF friends that have arrived from a sweet blog friend far, far away. It's a beautiful summer day, and father and son beaver are grilling hot dogs for their family in the local park:

Father beaver is teaching his son how to grill.

Recently, though, a couple of naked "orphans" arrived in the village from far-away South Africa:

Sweet "orphan" skunk  sister and tiny baby beaver.

But soon the chocolate rabbit family donated a dress for the little skunk sister, and she has already made friends with another couple of local girls...

Yay! It's time for a doughnut tea party!

...while everyone in the village wants to see the new baby beaver:

Mama beaver adores her new tiny baby!

Yes, things are falling into place for these two sweet critters, as the whole village has helped to make them feel at home. Eaton Blackberry of Sugarbush Valley: An Ideal Life blog sent me these darling Sylvanian Families skunk and beaver, along with a sweet handmade bear and some delicious rooibos tea. Thank you so much, Eaton Blackberry! You make blogging so much fun! If you haven't seen her adorable SF stories, you really must check out her blog here

There's still another new addition to the village, which I'll show you next time. Until then, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sweet Swap With Sanne, Plus Cakes!

I'd wanted to do a swap with Sanne for several years, and recently I finally had my chance! Sanne made the cutest, most wonderful gifts, including some fun, colorful drinks with tiny umbrellas and straws. Flossy and Sophie just adore them, especially during the heat wave we've been having:

Plus Sanne sent all of the other goodies too (two pretty buntings, a tiny book, a yummy cherry cake under glass) and the wonderful shabby chic butterfly blackboard and framed pictures below. Mmm, that cake looks so tasty to Flossy and Sophie. Flossy is planning to rip open the cover and start gorging on cake as soon as we all look away. I hope it doesn't turn into a brawl! That would be so unladylike. :-D

Oh, we can't wait to start decorating with all of these cute things! But there's more! As soon as Flossy saw these adorable tiny stuffed bunnies and cat that Sanne sent, she had to steal away to her bedroom with them for a fun snuggle:

Aren't those tiny stuffed animals the sweetest?! Have you seen Sanne's blog, Sannen vintilla - In my attic? If not, you're missing something. I love Sanne's special style, and I see pictures of her dollhouse interiors frequently on Pinterest. Her blog is not to be missed! If you'd like to see the swap gifts I sent Sanne, check out her post here. Thank you so much, Sanne! This swap was a total blast!

Then I just have to show you these wonderful cakes and ice cream from Jane Smith of Minifanaticus blog and Minifanaticus on Etsy. All we can say is yum, yum, yummy:

Sophie has nearly gotten the cake nearest to her into her left paw. If she eats the whole thing in one bite, do you think Flossy will notice? ;-) Is it my imagination, or have Flossy's eyes narrowed at the sight of Sophie's paw near the cake?

Seriously, Jane made these wonderful treats with my birthday cards in mind. She even looked through my Pinterest boards for ideas. How thoughtful! Thank you so much, Jane! You're the best! I'm putting on weight just looking at these delicious treats! :-D Next time I'll have some Sylvanian Families scenes to show you all, plus more. Until then, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer