Monday, January 6, 2014

Flossy and Sophie's Reminder

Hi everyone! I was sick with the flu over Christmas, so I wasn't able to post anything sooner. Although I wasn't feeling well, Flossy the bunny and Sophie the bear were having their own mini party without me. Look at the yummy mini holiday treats they were munching without me! Cake and cookies and ice cream sandwiches and bowls of peppermint ice cream, oh my!

Miniature desserts by Beverly of CuteinMiniature on Etsy

Oh, and they both received wonderful gifts from our dear friend Jane of Minifanticus blog too! Jane has such a fun miniatures blog and never fails to leave sweet comments on Plushpussycat blog. She's also so generous and thoughtful, often sending friends surprise gifts in the mail. Flossy and Sophie were over the moon with happiness when she sent them some dream-come-true gifts.

First, Flossy received this lifetime dream of a mini glitter village:

Flossy says she's never removing it from this spot! Here's how it looks in her bedroom:

Flossy and I are so grateful! We love the way it brings some fun color into the space. And if that wasn't gift enough, Jane sent a special bumblebee cup as a housewarming present for Sophie's new home, Brambleberry Cabin:

Now Sophie feels like Vanna White, showing off her new cup! Ta dah!

The cup is so tiny and detailed, with the handle a tree branch with leaves and a bumblebee on top. Perhaps you can see in the above photo that the bumblebee's head is facing to the right, away from Sophie.

Close-up of Bumbelbee cup by Jane of Minifanaticus.
The bumblebee's tail is facing the camera.

Sophie only uses this cup now, as it is a treasured gift from a treasured friend. Jane also sent some darling bear cookies and golden reindeer for crafting, but alas, I wasn't able to catch them properly with my camera. I'll show them another time. Thank you so much for ALL of your precious gifts, Jane, especially your priceless gift of friendship.

Flossy and Sophie have a reminder for all of you: The miniature dessert giveaway featuring mini cakes and pie from Kim Saulter of Kim's Mini Bakery ends Thursday, January 9th. Please make sure you are a follower of Plushpussycat blog with Google Friend Connect and that you have left a comment on the giveaway post. Good luck to everyone. I will announce the winners Saturday! Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Jane's gifts are fantastic! I love the little glitter village and the bumblebee cup is simply stunning! Great photos, as always.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. How gorgeous are the little glitter houses! I can't imagine how tiny they must be!! No wonder Flossy wants them to stay where she can always see them! Lovely party too, I'd love to be there :)

    1. Sorry, I meant to add I hope you feel much better!

  3. Great gifts from Jane. I love Flossy's bedroom, so cute!

  4. These are stunning! Wish I could make the little glitter village. People are very creative. Thank you so much for sharing and so sorry you had the flu. Hope you are felling better. They should have waited for you to party. Take care and get well soon.

  5. unos regalos preciosos , estoy de acuerdo con Flossy, tienes que dejar esas casitas en su habitacion , se ven muy bien

    feliz año nuevo y besitos


  6. I love the glittering houses! Charming! All gifts are great and I am sure you enjoy them all!

  7. What I love about miniatures is that this is not only a hobby but also a way of meeting new, amazing people :).

  8. Ah, what a sweet post! Gifts from dear friends is always a wonderful thing. All gifts are very beautiful! I loved the 'GlitterVillage'.

  9. Hello Jennifer, really sorry to hear you have been sick over Christmas, that is pretty awful. Hope you are back on your feet and feeling fine again now. I think your gifts are super and particularly that little glitter village!!! That is so very lovely. Best wishes for the New Year, blessings, Pam xx

  10. Hi Jennifer,
    So sorry you have been sick & I am glad you're feeling better. The gifts are all so thoughtful and adorable. I really love the mug. Jane is so sweet (& talented).
    Best wishes for the New Year & welcome back :-)

  11. Дженнифер, привет!
    Я надеюсь, что ты хорошо себя чувствуешь.
    Очень рада за кролика и медведя, что у них такие замечательные подарки!
    С наилучшими пожеланиями из России. Елена.

  12. I hope you are feeling better hon, I know the flu is supposed to be a bit rampant this season!

    I am so happy the girls enjoyed the gifts ;)

    Get healthy and get crafting my friend!

    Hugs js

  13. Oh no, I'm so sorry you had the flu over Christmas. That's just awful. This house was fighting off so many icks over that week, too. I love Flossy's little house and all her gifts. That teeny tiny glittered village is just beautiful. Hope you all stay well now, Bird

  14. how wonderful to recieve such beautiful presents! The are lovely and sooo pretty! hope you are better now..sorry to hear that you were sick. :(
    o, yes ..we are very much looking forward to the giveaway! :) many greetings, Anne

  15. Flossy's bedroom is gorgeous! I wished I could have a special laser ray to make your room bigger so I can stay in it! Very very well decorated! It has that girly, dainty feel that I love! Truly wonderful gifts from Jane! Lucky you :D

  16. Es estupendo que te hayas repuesto. Los regalos y la habitación están fenomenal

  17. A lovely post, Jennifer! Jane is so very talented and yes, so generous! Flossie's bedroom is like a dream! That little village is amazing. I don't know how anybody can work in such a small scale. I guess they just have fairy fingers!

  18. I hope you get well soon, Jennifer.
    The gifts from Jane are amazing. Perfect in Flossy's bedroom.
    Hug, Faby

  19. I hope you are feeling better now. The flue really knocks you back and takes ages to get over so take care. Your gifts from Jane are fantastic I love the glitter village perfect for Flossie's bedroom. The mug is amazing Jane is so very talented. Enjoy your treasures.
    Hugs Maria

  20. I'm glad to know you feel better, I hope you get well soon as posible. I hope Flossy and Sophie will organize another party for you too!! I love tiny glitter houses from Jane, congrats and enjoy!! A big hug!

  21. Nice that Flossy and Sophie, were able to take case into their own hands and create their own party. Congratulations on all your lovely gifts. I love the colorful houses.
    Annoying you should be sick at Christmas, I hope you have recovered.

  22. Molto romantica è la camera da letto di Flossy, è deliziosa!
    Capisco come sia stato noioso ammalarsi a natale è accaduto quest'anno anche a me.
    Belli i regali ricevuti da Jane e stanno bene sul caminetto!
    Un abbraccio. Manu

  23. Oh my goodness!!! What a fun post to read, what lovely, lovely photos to look at and what beautiful items displayed!! I'm in love with Brambleberry Cabin and the lovely life Sophie and Flossy have. They must have had a fun time while you were sick though....naughty guys!! I hope you feel better now and I'm sure that receiving gifts from Jane made surely, feel better!! As you said, for the nice gifts but also for the gift of friendship! I love the glittery houses....they are wonderful!! xxxooo

  24. Bonitos regalos y la habitación es dulce y preciosa.
    Un abrazo.

  25. sorry to hear you had flu! hope you're feeling much better now. The gifts are wonderful. i of course love the glitter houses!!! The bumblebee cup is adorable too though. How lucky Flossy and Sophie are. I'm sure they are enjoying their new things very much. looks like they had a yummy christmas. the mini desserts look so real!

  26. Those little houses are so lovely!!! I would leave them up all the time too! Sorry to hear you were sick :(

  27. Hello from Spain: I'm sorry to read that you were ill I hope you're better.. The gifts are fabulous. Great room. Very cute, we keep in touch

  28. I wish you to be better soon.Flossy' s bedroom is so romantic and pretty...i love it. The glitter mini village is gorgeous

  29. I love your characters, they are very soft, smooth and sweet!

  30. Hope you are well now! Happy new year!

  31. I had to google Vanna White... *LOL* I'm so sorry about your flu at the wrongest of times... I hope those two darlings left some cake and cookies for you, not that nice to party instead of holding your hand and offering honey milk to you while you were sick... ;O) But I can see easily why Sophie and Flossy are beaming with joy about the stunning gifts they received.


  32. Hope your feeling better. Isn't it always the way when its time to have get sick!

  33. I just love looking at your plushies and miniatures! They never fail to make me smile!

  34. I'm sorry you were sick over Christmas, but I'm glad you are feeling better now, Jennifer! It looks like Flossy and Sophie had a very merry Christmas anyway. The bumblebee cup is darling - so detailed! xoxo Maureen

  35. Jennifer, Glad you're feeling better! Boy, what a lot of cute stuff you got. Your friends are so nice. Everything looks so real and so tasty. I'm gaining pounds just looking at it!

    - Momma Cat

  36. Hi you, nice to know you're feeling better!
    Flossy'room is awesome, and the mini glitter village is just...WAOUHHHH!
    Sophie looks nice, too!
    Have fun,
    Hugs from France

  37. Wonderful gift from Jane! Flossy and Sofhie are happy! Kiss!

  38. Beautiful gifts. I understand Flossy wanting to keep the glitter houses in her room. They look fabulous.

  39. Preciosos los regalos que bien difrútalos, espero que estés mejor cuídate.

  40. O Jennifer, so sorry to hear you were sick during the holidays! :-(
    Luckily you received some totally fabulous gifts from Jane! The glitter houses are so beautiful and they match the room so well! And the little bumblebee mug is adorable! I said "aww" out loud when I saw the picture :-)
    Hope you're feeling better now!

  41. Oh sorry to hear you were under the weather and I hope you dont eat too much of Flossy and Sophie's treatS :) they look delish btw

    Hugs and Happiness
    Marisa :)

  42. Happy New Year! I wish you a sweet 2014 without flu.
    Beautiful post with lovely gifts, the glitter village is perfect in the bedroom.

  43. Oh No! I'm so sorry you were sick. That was our Christmas 2012 exactly. My whole family had the flu. I'm glad you are better now.
    The bedroom is so dreamy. I love the colors. It's so soft. Perfect bedroom.
    And the cup is genius! It fits into the cabin so well. It's just those little details that make such a huge impact. It's all adorable. I hope 2014 is a fantastic year for you!

  44. I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick on Christmas, I hope you feel better now. Love, love, love the bedroom!!! And all the little gifts you've received. Take care and enjoy with all these pretty things Ü
    Hugs and kisses

  45. ¨My goodness what great gifts, Jennifer! I adore the glitter village. Be happy and all the best for 2014!! Hugs Sanne

  46. I'm glad you feel better!
    Floss and Sophie ate so many delicious sweets! I hope not many gained weight during the holidays!
    The gift is wonderful, congratulations!

  47. Dear Jennifer, I´m so sorry to here that you had the flu on Christmas, and I hope you feeling better any minute now.
    Like Caroline writes that was also our Christmas last year.
    You received such wonderful gifts , I adore the mini glitter is soooo beautiful, and I really can understand Flossy that she's never remove´s it from this spot :)
    Take good care and get well soon !!!!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  48. *Belle et Heureuse Année 2014* Jennifer
    Vous avez reçus de très beaux et appétissants cadeaux.
    La chambre de Flossy est ravissante !
    Amicalement. rosethé

  49. La habitación en rosa es una dulzura. Unos regalos estupendos.
    Besos, Narán

  50. Vos photos sont tres belles ! J'aime beaucoup la cheminée et les petites maisons.

  51. Oh, dear. So sorry to read you had the flu over Christmas. :( It's really debilitating and takes a while to recoup from, but I do hope you're feeling much better now.
    Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pix, especially the glitter village and Flossy's room. Also, thanks for featuring my mini treats!
    Take care and Happy 2014!

  52. Hi Jennifer, I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend. The flue bug that has been going around knocking people off their feet, has been a difficult one to get through. Several of my family members have had it and had them flat on their backs, as well. It is good to start out 2014 feeling better than you did in 2013 though. :))
    The gifts from Jane would make anyone feel good! :D And I can perfectly
    understand why Flossy would never want to remove the glitter village from the mantle. It looks Perfect there and adds even More charm to an already charming space. And Sophie's bumble bee cup would be my favorite as well. Jane certainly has a Magic Touch and she has made your day and ours much brighter. Thank you for sharing them with us Jennifer! :D


  53. Dear Jennifer,
    I'm sorry to hear that you have been with the flu since Christmas, after all: even in my house have all been sick, and I did not do nothing but cook, wash, iron and aiding and treat inside and outside the home.
    Honestly, I could not wait that would end the festivities!
    It is better now, I'm taking control of the situation.
    Of course, I look forward to the extraction of the winners of the giveaway, and meanwhile I take this opportunity to wish you a peaceful and prosperous year 2014.
    I hope that we will be more in touch (my good resolutions for the new year)
    Lovely hugs my friend,
    Adorable gifts for Flossy and Sophie

  54. О, Дженнифер!
    Я надеюсь вам уже лучше! Такие прекрасные подарки должны поправить ваше здоровье! Я обожаю маленькую блестящую деревню!! Джейн прекрасный и талантливый художник!
    Выздоравливайте и наслаждайтесь волшебными подарками!

  55. Bellissimi regali! La camera è stupenda!

  56. Your photos are beautiful Jennifer!! :)

  57. So sorry you were sick over Christmas! I can sympathize a bit as I had Bronchitis over New Year's for a whole week and had to miss a lot of the 2014 festivities. Looks like you got some wonderful little gifts in the mail to cheer you up! Annndd those pancakes look absolutely yummy! :)


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