Monday, February 10, 2014

Miniature Gifts, Guinea Pigs, and More!

Hi Everyone! I think you all know how much I love guinea pigs, especially my little Rufus, right? Sarah K., aka The Mama Pirate, of blog knew I did, and she emailed and asked if I could provide a good home for a dollhouse miniature guinea pig. :-) Sarah's downsizing her miniatures collection and has consolidated her blogs. You may have followed her previous blogs, including A Little Dollhouse and The Mama Pirate. You can check out her new blog to see her work on finishing her dollhouse.

It looks like the new guinea pig from Sarah (made by Magda of 1717mk on Etsy) is going to live with Strawberry Shortcake:

Here's a close-up photo of the sweet little guy. Isn't he cute?

The real question is, will he be able to get along with the others? It looks like he might have to throw his weight around to get to the food:

Sarah generously sent some other mini treasures with the precious guinea pig:

The lid comes off of that metal teapot, and the frames will be so useful. The needlepoint rug is gorgeous! Already, the cute teddy bear book, which has pictures inside too, has found its way inside Dad's Dollhouse mouse house:

And all the other cute items will find their spots over time. Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts, including the sweet guinea pig, Sarah! I really appreciate them. And thank you for following my blog too!

Speaking of guinea pigs, little Rufus was the lucky winner of a blog giveaway hosted by Buffy, Broccoli, and Lola, the three guinea pigs who write the blog posts at Cavy Savvy blog.
To celebrate their 300th blog post, they gave away two prizes. Rufus won the second prize, a bag of Oxbow Organic Barley Biscuits, which he loved. Thanks Buffy, Broccoli, and Lola! You're the best, and your blog is so fun! Buffy, Broccoli, and Lola do a lot of product and fresh food reviews, plus they educate humans on how to care for their guinea pigs--nice!

Everything has shut down here in Portland, Oregon since a big snow storm hit us a few days ago.
We have at least six inches of snow with a layer of frozen rain on top. I'm so grateful to have greeting card design, miniature making, and blogging to keep me busy while I'm housebound. I hope the rest of you aren't too buried in snow. ;-) I took this photo before we got more snow plus ice--yikes!

Finally, I can hardly wait to show you the handmade Valentine's Day gifts Jane of Minifanticus blog has sent me.
You're going to be amazed! I'll show you later this week, but before that, there may be one more post. Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. I love the blue kettle, but frankly everything. Be sure to show the pics of where everything will fit in eventually. And enjoy the snow!

  2. Congratulations to you and Rufus on your winnings. The gifts from Sarah are so sweet and that guinea pig is adorable! Are you going to name him? So sorry about all that snow, but it sounds like you are keeping busy :-) I live in Georgia and we are supposed to get 1-4 inches tonight and freezing rain...nothing like what you have but still yucky. I am ready for Spring!
    Have a great week,

    1. Hi Lisa T! Both the new guinea pig and the pink one need names. The brown and white one is named Gino. If you have any name ideas for the other two, please let me know! ;-) xo Jennifer

  3. Congratulations on your lovely gifts, it all fits so well into your collection. The gift entities have good knowledge of your blog. Enjoy.
    In Denmark we have no snow, it's so nice, I hate winter and snow. Right now I'm sitting in the sun and there are clear spring feeling. Have fun and I wish you lots of creative spirit. .

  4. Hello Jennifer,
    How lovely that a new, happy home was found for that sweet little Guinea Pig. You got a lot of wonderful items too. I hope he and the other guinea pigs will be very happy and get along well together.
    Big hug,

  5. Magda's work is always charming! And so is this charming guinea pig!
    Vongrats to Rufus on wining give-away!

  6. Congrats to little Rufus for winning! ... He looks so cute and happy!!
    The gifts from Sarah are so adorable and so is the guinea pig!
    You have got really wonderful items! The home idea for the guinea pig is so sweet!

  7. El conejillo es adorable y la foto de la nieve alucinante!!!!

  8. I didn't know you love guinea pigs so much!!! Now that I do, I'll be on the lookout for them! Your mini furry friend is really cute! Stay safe inside dear Jennifer! We don't have snow here and sure like it this way right now when I hear about the terrible snow storms up North!!! Bug hugs xoxoxo

  9. Oh, Jennifer, qué frio tan grande, abrígate por favor!! Me encanta el conejillo de indias y los demás regalos. Un abrazo.

  10. Rufus is adorable.
    The gifts from Sarah are fantastic.
    Hug, Faby

  11. Very sweet little guinea pig! Congratulations to the lovely gifts!
    We fortunately had no snow this winter. ( so far..:)

  12. Oh my goodness Jennifer those guinea pigs are so cute ;P And of course the lucky win for Rufus is awesome!

    You certainty did get a good amount of snow! I got you beat with our foot of snowy terribleness ;)

    Package 2 is coming your, time to go freeze my face for shopping day !

  13. This cute guinea pig couldn't have found a better home - congrats on the new family member. And I bet he will get along with the other two well... as you already suggested, I think he can take advantage of being bigger... Congrats on these lovely gifts and of course to Rufus, too! Sorry to hear about all that snow... I've been very lucky this winter season - and you can be sure that I am very thankful for it!


  14. Oh, how cute guinea pigs! And handsome Rufus! ♥
    Congratulations on lovely gifts you got.
    Try to deal with the snow. It will soon go away..I promise. :D
    This winter we hardly have snow at all. And now is raining. So, it's wet wet wet outside. HUGS

  15. Hi Jennifer!
    Wow, not only are you lucky but Rufus is too!!
    The gifts are amazing, I love the little book! I love the guinea pig too! A gorgeous little ball of fluff I could cuddle for hours!! I hope Rufus doesn't start getting jealous!
    Sorry to hear about the snowy weather, I think you must be having all my snow too, we still haven't had any this winter! (Fingers crossed)
    Kind regards, Brian.

  16. The new little piggie is precious! I'm sure he/she will get on with the others. My piggie Cheryl sends whistles to Rufus. Your snow looks lovely to someone who is 'over' the hot Downunder summer....

  17. Rufus is looking fabulous! He's got some hair! Adorable little guy!
    I love your new mini guinea too! The perfect little pet for Strawberry Shortcake. So I'm not the only one house bound! We may also get ice tonight. Won't make any difference to me. Thanks for your sweet words!

  18. The miniature guinea pig is a darling addition to your dollhouse family. I hope Strawberry Shortcake enjoys her new pet. I also loved seeing your snow pictures, Jennifer. It's been a winter wonderland at our house too! xoxo Maureen

  19. Lovely this animals!, congratulations!.kiss.

  20. I'm sure this lovely guinea pig will be well looked after by Strawberry shortcake.

  21. OOhhh this is tooo cute!
    Hugs from France!

  22. You seem to have been submerged by snow and by the gifts :o) Cute guinea pigs, L size and XS size!!

  23. congrats on the new g-pig (that's from the guinea pig movie G-force) I thought about getting a g-pig but with Baxter in the house that probbly not a good idea.


  24. How nice Rufus, really adorable! Congratulations for the wonderful gifts!

  25. El conjito es una monada. Esta todo fantástico.

  26. Hi Jennifer, congratulations to you and Rufus on your winnings !!
    The new mini guinea looks sooo lovely, the perfect little pet for Strawberry Shortcake :)
    Your snow picture looks wonderful, we only have rain here, such a pitty !
    Stay warm and have a great week my friend :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  27. Wow! So much snow!!! We are expecting to get some snow Wednesday night and Thursday. Hope we do! :) Stay warm and keep making adorable mini things! Love the guinea pig. Super fluffy!

  28. Oh my such adorable gifts!! I adore those little bears. :) Looks so cold there where you are! Please keep warm and take care. The weather here is just very very warm! I wish for some cooling days and rain. Happy mid week and love to you!


  29. Hello from Spain: fabulous guinea pig... very cute. I see too much snow. I love your gifts. Greats!. Keep in touch

  30. Tour blog and your works are wonderfuls, and this Guinea pig Is soo pretty

  31. Your guinea pigs are very cute =) I had two real ones when I was a kid, and now I have one in miniature that my friend Anna made =) Have been thinking of making a cage for it, but haven't got started yet =) Yours looks happy running around free in the house, I might let mine do that too ;)

  32. Hi Jennifer!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!
    And of course welcome as my newest follower!
    Now I'm visiting your blog.
    You have a lovely blog!
    Count me in as your newest follower!

    At the moment we have a snowstorm over here too.

    Hugs, Juliëtte

  33. Oh, Jennifer you have a lot of beautiful things. I love every mini and of course the guinea pigs, but specially.... Rufus!!! Give him a kiss from me :D

  34. Dear Jennifer, Rufus is very sweet. How much snow you see from your photo but you'll have more time for the mini ... I'm curious to see the gift you received.
    Hugs. Manu

  35. What sweet delights of Valentine's Day!
    So many beauties! Enjoy, dear Jennifer!

  36. Your gifts from Sarah are gorgeous. I love the guinea pig it is beautiful. Rufus is adorable give him a warm hug from me. Wow so much snow I hope you are keeping warm. Take care Jennifer.
    Hugs Maria

  37. So many gorgeous gifts there!!! Sarah is very good! I really hope the 2 guinea pigs are going to be nice and welcoming to the new tell them!!!! :)


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