Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gifts From Maria, Kikka, and Drora

More birthday gifts have arrived! I feel so grateful to have such sweet blog friends. First, Maria of Pretty Things Ireland blog sent all of these darling handmade gifts, plus some yummy chocolates that didn't make it into the photo ;-) :

The red sweater on the left is being modeled by Orange Blossom in the top photo. It's a perfect fit! And here's a close-up photo of the sweet beach bag and hand painted teapot Maria made, using a Sylvanian Families bed that Maria thoughtfully sent as a backdrop:

Aren't they pretty? I love the bag's vintage-style fabric and the teapot's fun colors!

Kikka of Pieni Sammakko blog sent all of these lovelies, including both handmade and vintage minis, beautiful fabric, cute Moomin stickers and two cute cards, one for Easter and one for my birthday:

Here's a close-up of Kikka's handmade gifts. The pink box in the front is a tiny box of Hello Kitty bandages with even tinier bandages inside--too cute! The two yellow boxes on the right are boxes of Easter Peeps. Kikka scanned a real life box to make them! Everything is so pretty, including the spring daffodils!

And finally (for today), Drora of Drora's Minimundo blog sent these gorgeous gifts with a beautiful card:

Just in front of the card are two halvah bars--yummy! Drora's minis are always so special. She even made me a matching basket of flowers to go with the basket she sent for Christmas. The pair look lovely together on Flossy's porch. :-)

Here's a close-up of the darling teapots Drora sent. They're so pretty and cute!

Thank you Maria, Kikka, and Drora! Your thoughtful and beautiful miniature gifts, and especially your gifts of friendship, are such treasures! Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Congratulations on your birthday and congratulations on all your lovely gifts. Beautiful flowers and with so many tea pots, you can now have a big party.

  2. Happy birthday!!!!
    Your gifts are so sweet!!!
    Hugs and kisses

  3. Hi Jennifer! The gifts keep on coming! Ah Moomins! I haven't seen them for a long time! Lovely gifts from lovely people!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  4. Great gifts! I am sure you're enjoying them a lot Jennifer!

  5. Such a wonderful bombardment of Happy Birthday to you! There certainly are wonderful people to here in our little world of miniatures and blogging and I am glad to see you are friends with these fine folks ;)

    Big Birthday hugs!

  6. A lot of wonderful gifts, lucky Jennifer!!

  7. Preciosos regalos. Te felicito, Jennifer.
    Un abrazo

  8. what wonderful gifts :) Happy Birthday Month :)


  9. Those are all so precious! My goodness, people are very, very talented out there! Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Month! You have received such thoughtful gifts. It's so nice to have these wonderful people in our lives through miniatures. I am sure you will enjoy everything (& the chocolate...yummy!).

  11. Felicidades!!!! Son unos preciosos regalos.

  12. I wonder if your local mail service will have to employ additonal staff for delivering all your gifts... ;O) Wonderful gifts from wonderful people... these three darling ladies have been very thoughtful and generous!


  13. Oh! you´re a lucky girl! All the gifts are so cute and you deserve it! a big hug my sweet pussycat!!

  14. I am very happy that you liked your gifts :) The gifts from Kikka and Drora are fantastic. I love the teapots and the teddy cushion is so cute. Enjoy all your wonderful gifts.
    Hugs Maria

  15. Who's the lucky birthday girl of the month? Jennifer! :)
    Happy birthday! ♥ Enjoy! :)

  16. Three kind ladies, who sent you all these thoughtful and gorgeous gifts, this is so sweet of blog friends, enjoy it all, dear Jennifer!
    Hugs, iLona

  17. I love your "And finally (for today)".... are you expecting more??? :) :) :) :P I love's a birthday month and for the 30 days who knows how many things you will receive! That's wonderful!! Orange Blossom is really cute with the jumper Maria made and I'm sure that all of them will have fun using the super cute teapots that Drora sent you! And the Hello Kitty mini box of plasters from Kikka??? Super duper cute!! You have received so many gifts Jennifer and it's a joy to have friends like the 3 ladies that thought of you! I don't think you are "lucky", I think you are rewarded for the wonderful being that you are!! Happy Birthday!! <3 <3 <3

  18. Amazing and beautiful gifts

  19. Oh the teapots are so cute!!! I love the nature theme!

  20. Hi Jennifer! It is wonderful that you have such good exchange partners that shower you with the same kind of love that you shower them with! :D Congratulations and enjoy each and every small Pleasure! Well done Ladies!


  21. Congratulations :-)! What super lovely gifts. All the work and thought that must have gone into them. Truly lovely. Pam xx

  22. Beautiful gifts for your birthday from lovely friends.

  23. Happy Birthday my sweet friend!
    You deserve each and every one of your gifts. Enjoy them.
    Hugs, Drora

  24. Congratulations (on both birthday and gifts) =) Everything looks so cute! The sweater looks great on Orange Blossom


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