Monday, June 23, 2014

Miniature Gifts and Giveaway Prizes!

With all of the birthday gifts that arrived this year, I started to feel overwhelmed about posting them all, and I was suspecting you all were too. ;-) I want to make sure that I show everything that arrived in the mail, though, because so many thoughtful people put their time and love into making and mailing such beautiful miniatures.

First off, I purchased a gorgeous painting from Caroline of Shop Cinderella Moments blog, and she generously sent two beautiful hand painted rugs as gifts. I wanted to post about them after I decorated part of Flossy's house, Cupcake Cottage, so that I could show them in place, but I still haven't finished the house, so here are Caroline's precious pieces now:

What thoughtful gifts! You'll all see these beautiful pieces again later. ;-) Thank you so much, Caroline! Caroline's shop is cinderellamoments on Etsy.

Next, Wyrna of A Fairytale Come True blog, who won one of Kim Saulter's gorgeous cakes in my Miniature Dessert Giveaway, sent me some lovely thank-you gifts:

The shabby chic things are perfect in Flossy's house and in Bluebelle's cake shop, and the Buddha and antique-style mirror are perfect for Dad's Dollhouse mouse house. I love everything. Thank you so much, Wyrna! You might want to check out Wyrna's shop, WyrnasMiniatureB on Etsy for more lovely items.

Next, Hannah of Hannahsminiatyrer blog offered to do some swaps on her blog, and I jumped at the chance. You can see what I sent Hannah in her funny and cute post, and here are the sweet things that Hannah sent me. She even sent lovely extras, including the tiny needle-felted giraffe, books, and postcards:

Hannah also sent a lovely postcard from her home town in Sweden (not pictured) plus these great miniature classic vintage movie posters:

I love all of it--thank you, Hannah! Hannah's shop is Hannahsminiatyrer on Etsy.

Birgit of BiWuBaren on the Blog surprised me with an amazing spread of thoughtful gifts and one of her beautiful handmade cards. Rosey and Flutterby's photos are featured on and in the card, and look at all of these beauties, including a shabby chic cat pull toy and two real magnet bulletin boards, featuring tiny postcard versions of my Plushpussycat greeting cards :

Wow! And this tiny miniature scene is exquisite! I noticed that Birgit has more of these scenes, including both a shabby chic-style scene and a witchy, Halloween-themed one, in her *new* BiWuBear Etsy shop right now. ;-)

The cat toy, Mickey Mouse poster (both in above photo) and the three mouse-related books (above and below) are dedicated to Dad's Dollhouse mouse house--they're so thoughtful and perfect! I LOVE them!

Birgit also sent two more gifts: a bag of ribbons and lace, all in pretty girly colors, and a big box of marzipan:

Mmm, yummy, tasty marzipan candy, long gone. Long gone, because I recently discovered that I'm very sensitive to sugar. If I eat a cookie or candy bar, I wake up the next day depressed, and very often three days later I have a bad cold. So when dear, sweet Birgit sent me the marzipan, I held it longingly and appreciated her kind gesture, but then I gave it away quickly. And who do you think I gave it to? My postal worker, Cindy! Doesn't she deserve it more than anyone else, when she has to deliver so many packages to me?! ;-)Thank you for everything, Birgit (and Cindy thanks you too! ;-))! You're so talented and generous.

Last but not least, I won an amazing giveaway from Julie at A Little of This and That blog. I won both Martha Stewart (blue) and Wilton (pink) molds in the giveaway:

I'm going to have so much fun using these with polymer clay! I especially want to try the Martha Stewart frame mold, which is perfect for a 1:12 or 1:6 scale scene. Julie frequently hosts polymer clay molds giveaways on her blog (you might want to check it out!). I've purchased molds from her Molds4You shop on Etsy in the past, and they are high-quality and good value. Thanks Julie!

Whew! Thanks for reading this far, guys! And thanks again to everyone who sent such wonderful miniature gifts! Next time, I hope to tell you about my latest diorama public installation and more! Until then, keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Wow! You are a lucky girl!! So many fabulous gifts from clever miniaturists around the world.

  2. It's lovely to see your beautiful gifts and share your pleasure!

  3. Wow!!! So many awesome gifts from so many amazing people! I can't wait to see some scenes staged with these items! :) You always write such fun and adorable story lines!

  4. Wonderful post!! I'm glad you like your molds win from my blog. :)
    Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day! Julie

  5. A beautiful bounty Jennifer! All the gifts are very lovely its nice to swim in little things sometimes ;)

    I wonder how your character creation goes? I hope some crafty thoughts are starting to bubble up!

    Hugs ~J

  6. Congratulations whit all these lovely gifts. I love the beautiful rug, it is so fine. I recognize also the delicious chocolate from Birgit.
    Very useful with these molds, I like them.
    Enjoy all these lovely gifts.

  7. What lovely gifts!
    I horp you will enjoy a lot ^^
    Hugs from France!

  8. Vous avez été gatée ,tout est ravissant!!

  9. Wow!, How many beautiful things!, Enjoy them and Frossy also a big kiss.

  10. Amazingly beautiful gifts, Jennifer! You have such kind and generous blog friends who are so talented. I'm sure you are enjoying everything.

  11. Beautiful gifts to enjoy. Have fun.
    Hugs, Drora

  12. So many beautiful gifts and treasures are in this post... I'm glad I could contribute a little bit...;O) I'm really curious to see these goodies in your scenes - and I must say "Chapeau" for improving your relationship with your postal worker Cindy! Very clever... if someone gets as many treasure mail like you it's good to have the mail company at your side... *teehee*


  13. Has recibido muchos regalos y todos son preciosos, pero te los mereces por tu amabilidad y cariño.
    Me alegro mucho por ti.
    Un abrazo

  14. Wow what a lot of fantastic gifts. Everything is so well made and thoughtful. I love everything. I am sure you will have lots of fun with the molds.
    Hugs Maria

  15. Cara Jennifer, bellissimi doni hai ricevuto da tutti. tanti auguri anche se in ritardo!
    Un abbraccio.Manu

  16. That's quite a haul of sweetness! If you wouldn't have mentioned my name I wouldn't have recognized my own stuff. LOL! I love Wyrna's tiny things. They are so perfect for dresser/table tops. I never have enough of those teeny things. Hannah's minis are so adorable. The lil' giraffe is soooo cute! Birgit is a girl after my own stomach- I mean heart. I love marzipan so much! I love her little house scene. Great molds too! I can't wait to see what you do with them. Thanks so much for the mention and link!
    ps: Thank you for the comment on my blog. You made my day. I've been trying to work on my photos. And such a compliment from you, who's photography is so incredible, means the world to me.

  17. Beautiful gifts <3 I especially love the birg painting! And the molds look nice, I have to check the Etsy shop =) Hugs Eeva

  18. Oh! So many pretty pretty gifts! Enjoy them all Jennifer. :)

  19. You were indeed spoiled! I love the shabby chic ones!

  20. Wow! How many beautiful gifts!

  21. Hello Jennifer,
    What amazing presents for an amazing lady. Happy belated birthday my friend! I hope it will be a wonderful year!
    big hug,

  22. Great presents! I especially love the mouse books! When I saw them I wondered for a moment if they were the real size one! That is a fantastic idea to have in dad's dollhouse. And is the purple jacket for Flossy? I hope you get a chance to try it on her and show us!

  23. How many and so sweet gifts, Jennifer, enjoy it all :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  24. my goodness! You hit the Mother Lode!

  25. Preciosos regalos !! me encantan los trabajos de caroline!!! y estan en unas buenas manos!!! Besos

  26. Ах! С прошедшим Днем рождения!!!! Так много замечательных подарков от талантливых друзей! Наслаждайтесь!!!!

  27. WoW Jennifer! You have such a beautiful assortment of gifts and giveaways and I think that you will be very busy having fun finding a place for all of these wonderful treasures. How wonderful to have so many pieces as representations of blog friends from around the world. :D


  28. You're a lucky girl, you have got a lot of gorgeous presents! I can't wait to see them arranged on your dollhouses:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

  29. Wonderful miniatures! And like you I love Cinderella moments' work.

  30. You have a lot of wonderful things! But you deserve them!!! Sure you will enjoy a lot with all those pretty things!
    Best regards and a lot of hugs, my dear friend ♥♥♥

  31. What a lot of lovelies!! Nowonder you are pleased, such fun and such a treat having these arrive in the post :)! I have just been on holiday to Sweeden and made some great dollshouse bargains, can't wait to show :) Pam xx

  32. Quant cose fantastiche!! Complimenti sono tutti oggetti molto belli e preziosi

  33. I'm a big fan of Carolines paint work =) The paintings are wonderful, like the carpet! And how nice of Wyrna to send you a Thank-you-package =)
    I'm so glad you liked my package for you =) I loved doing the swap with you =) Thank you for mention my shop too ;)
    Birgit sent lovely things, it's always nice to get surprise packages =)
    And the molds looks great!


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