Saturday, July 19, 2014

Special Gifts From Special Friends!

Hi All! How has your summer/winter been going? We are coming out of a heat wave here in Portland, Oregon that had us living in a darkened house to try to keep things cool. I'm so glad it's back to comfortable temperatures now. Hope everyone is doing well. I'll have some fun diorama news for you this coming weekend, but first I want to show you some amazing swap gifts and prizes I recently received. Flossy and Sophie are at the ready to show you all the goodies from these talented artists.

First up, if you haven't found Todd & Lindsey blog yet, you're missing out on some fun! There are lots of miniature tutorials plus fun posts on both dollhouse and real-life decorating, tasty recipes, and so much more. Don't miss it! So Lindsey and I arranged a fun swap together. :-) We told each other our favorite items made by the other person, and we tried to limit our gifts to five handmade ones plus some fun extras. Lindsey sent me my favorite things (there were so many to choose from!), all in my favorite colors! Flossy received a number of darling mini items for her bathroom plus some yummy cookies:

Sophie has already started nibbling on one of the black and white cookies that Lindsey sent, and Flossy is overwhelmed with the cute bowl of homemade soaps, the sweet pedestal stand with toothpaste and two toothbrushes, the pretty pedestal stand with three adorable nail polishes, and the fun Yankee Candle for relaxing soaks in the bathtub. And below the table, Lindsey also sent two sweet green plants and two adorable floral pillows:

She also sent a beautiful sunflower card (not pictured) and these fun mini holiday decorations, including mini candy canes and snowflakes:

Thank you sooooooooo much, Lindsey! This was a really fun swap, it has been fun getting to know you better, and I love the things you sent me. Let's do it again in the spring! You can see what I sent Lindsey on her blog here.

Next up, Monica Castillo of Kitchen Miniature blog and I sent each other some mini gifts. Look at this exquisite cherry pie prep board with tiny Chinese-style metal tea pot. Flossy sneakily cut herself a piece of cherry pie while Sophie was focused on gnawing the delicious dried pork leg Monica sent. Sophie is so happy that for once she can eat some meat at Flossy's house. Flossy's food, including her cupcakes, is all vegetarian (she's a rabbit, after all!). ;-) Notice the vintage Polaroid camera too?

And look at these darling items in front of the table. Mini ice chest with ice, potato chips, and beach towel for a perfect summer day; red polka dot watering can; and special shelf for Flossy's bathroom (see the "F" for "Flossy" and the queen sign?):

But that wasn't all. Monica sent a precious paper mache lapel pin of her Rabbit Queen, and Monica's daughter, Neus, sent a Special Card and two gifts for Flossy in Flossy's favorite color:

Here's another shot of these special gifts:

Monica also sent some pretty fabric and ribbons (not pictured). Thank you so much, Monica and Neus! Everything you sent is so special! I'm so glad we're friends! You can see what I sent Monica on her blog here.

Finally, I was one of the lucky winners of Carmen of Pekevasion blog's recent surprise giveaway. The top five commenters on her blog each won a miniature baby and baby blanket, both handmade by Carmen:

The detail on the baby is exquisite! The soft lavender blanket looks like it needs to be draped across the foot of someone's bed, and it will be soon! ;-) Thank you so very much, Carmen! You're so talented and generous, and all of your giveaways, swaps, and tutorials make blogging really fun!

OK, that's it for today. Whatever you do, keep having fun! I'll be back next weekend with an update. xoxo Jennifer


  1. Aww l love all your gifts, they are great! Oh and that beautiful little baby and blanket! Wonderful every item. Hugs Pam

  2. What lovely and generous gifts. How cool is the Polaroid camera =0D Adorable! Have a fab weekend

  3. Hi Jen! You've read it on my blog: we have heatwave too :(!
    You have got such wonderful gifts and the swaps are simply wonderful.
    Congratulations on your win of Carmen, the baby is beautifully made and it looks so sweet, sleeping on its small wonderful blanket.
    Enjoy all of it!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. So many beautiful gifts! Thank you for sharing with us the links to all blogs! Enjoy your new miniatures Jennifer!

  5. Thank you very much for the post, Neus is very excited to have such a sweet friend, you're lovely!
    You deserve all the best.
    Enjoy all the new treasures, big kiss, my friend.

  6. So many lovely gifts. That camera is so adorable and the baby from Carmen is so lifelike. Enjoy everything, Jennifer.
    Have a great day,

  7. Here the summer is not so fine :o(
    You ( and Sophie and Flossy) are lucky with all these goodies!!!

  8. What beautiful gifts for the gang to play with! Yummy goodies, decorative wonders and things to create with ;)

    Enjoy your beautiful gifts, I hope your crafty time is relaxing as well!

  9. Hi Jennifer! It seems like most of the Northern Hemisphere is in a heatwave, even the UK has been baking in the sun (in between thunderstorms!) You have so many gifts, is it Christmas already?? The cakes from Lindsey look so appetizing, I just want to bite into them!! Her plants are real miniature marvels and the cushions are so sweet!! Monica's food is just perfect and the Polaroid camera is amazingly cute (and accurate too!) The card from Neus is so sweet! I'm sure she gets her gift for drawing from her Mother! The baby is so detailed, how they manage to sleep in that position has always amazed me!!
    How lucky you have been with so many gorgeous gifts! I'm sure you'll enjoy them all!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  10. Heat and darkened rooms sound so familiar to me... *sigh* I wish we get back to comfortable temperatures soon - this is not my weather for sure. It was fun looking at all the lovely gifts you received... there are so many talented and generous people out there. And now we have finally written proof: Flossy is the Rabbit Queen! ;O)


  11. Congratulations Jennifer on all your fantastic gifts. Your swaps are all wonderful so many treasures. I love the baby you won it is so sweet. Have fun with all your new treasures.
    Hugs Maria

  12. Hello Jennifer,
    thank you for asking how we are, I am pleased that the temperature is returned to normal at your home. I live near Paris and it was very warm the last few days!

    You are very lucky, all these gifts are so beautiful and realistic!
    I love the story of Sophie and her pork leg ! ;)
    Have a great afternoon


  13. Вау! Вы получили так много фантастических подарков от замечательных друзей! Наслаждайтесь всем!
    Хорошей и прохладной недели!

  14. Que preciosos regalos, Jennifer. Los intercambios permiten tener pequeños tesoros de las amigas. Disfrútalos.

  15. Thank you Jen, I will have fun tomorrow morning at 5:30 when my alarm sings. :D You surely have fun with all lovely gifts you have received. They are all wonderful and very special. Hugs, piikko
    PS. We are also melting here in Finland! :D

  16. Enhorabuena Jennifer, todos los regalos son magníficos.

  17. Hi Jennifer,
    Lucky you, what wonderful gifts! How fun! Cute stories to go along with the new minis. :) I really enjoy your blog, I was on it for about an hour the other night.
    Have a great week,

  18. So many cute little things! Yes, I hate the extreme heat as well. Glad to hear temperatures are more normal now.

  19. Hi Jennifer,

    What wonderful gifts you got! Is Portland that hot this year? At this time last year I was living in Portland and it was OK.

    I love all the miniatures you got, especially the plants, pillows and the rabbit pin (or a mask?). You guys are just talented. :D

    Take care,

    - Chloe (Moonrabbit)

  20. Felicidades Jennifer !!! Son todos unos regalos adorable!!!!

  21. Congratulations, they are beautiful gifts! I love the sweet and small nail varnishes, they are extraordinary! Enjoy it!

  22. Hello Jennifer,
    Those gifts could not have gone to a better home or a nicer person. Enjoy all those wonderful reassures!
    Big hug,

  23. You received such beautiful gits and your vignettes are always adorable

  24. So many cute gifts from very lovely friends!! It's always nice to receive something cute on the mail. You must have had a lot of fun opening your packages!! Big hug!

  25. You have received so many wonderful miniature! I think Flossy and Sophie did a great job at presenting the gifts! I love the pillows (they are always a great addition to any diorama!) and the Polaroid camera!!! Have a great week Jennifer and I hope the weather will be more pleasant in the next few days! Stay cool :D

  26. your gifts are just teh Awesome :) my fav is the camera too


  27. Wow! You're very lucky! These gifts are fantastic.

  28. Todo es precioso!!! me encanta!!!. En mi país, estamos pasando por una sequía, llevamos ya varios días sin lluvias (y estamos en época lluviosa) así que el calor es insoportable :(. Muy lindo todo.

  29. Beautiful minis, enjoy! Hugs, Melli

  30. Love the items even better with the staging! :) Thanks so much for being my first-swap-partner! :)

  31. What wonderful gift exchanges, Jennifer! I too am grateful for the cooler temps and to finally get to open the blinds again. :D
    Enjoy all of these Very Cute Minis!


  32. What fun items!! Its so fun to get such special gifts in the mail! -Ara

  33. gracias a ti por ts visitas y comentarios siempre...

  34. Sophie nad Flossy must be over the moon with all thesse lovely gifts.

  35. You have gotten so many lovely gifts! I love the soap Lindsey made, and the plant is great too. And what cool camera! And Carmens baby is so cute. I saw that you send great things to Lindsey too =) I loved the card you sent =)
    I have a great summer now that the sun has arrived with some great heat =) Hope you have a great time too

  36. Hi Jennifer, such awesome gifts! Wow!
    As for the heat... I hear you. Not much different here in the land of tulips, windmills and wooden shoes... :-)


  37. All the new minis you received are gorgeous! It will be lots of fun for you to find the perfect spot for each of them. I'm sure you'll show us where they end up. Enjoy the summer!


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