Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Sylvanian Families "Orphans"

Today I'll show you a little more of my Sylvanian Families village while introducing some new SF friends that have arrived from a sweet blog friend far, far away. It's a beautiful summer day, and father and son beaver are grilling hot dogs for their family in the local park:

Father beaver is teaching his son how to grill.

Recently, though, a couple of naked "orphans" arrived in the village from far-away South Africa:

Sweet "orphan" skunk  sister and tiny baby beaver.

But soon the chocolate rabbit family donated a dress for the little skunk sister, and she has already made friends with another couple of local girls...

Yay! It's time for a doughnut tea party!

...while everyone in the village wants to see the new baby beaver:

Mama beaver adores her new tiny baby!

Yes, things are falling into place for these two sweet critters, as the whole village has helped to make them feel at home. Eaton Blackberry of Sugarbush Valley: An Ideal Life blog sent me these darling Sylvanian Families skunk and beaver, along with a sweet handmade bear and some delicious rooibos tea. Thank you so much, Eaton Blackberry! You make blogging so much fun! If you haven't seen her adorable SF stories, you really must check out her blog here

There's still another new addition to the village, which I'll show you next time. Until then, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Aww. The baby beaver! So cute! What lucky orphans to have arrived in your village! These pictures are adorable. Thank you for sharing your world with us out here in internetland. :)

    And thanks for introducing me to Sugarbush Valley! I think I'm going to make a pot of tea, and do some blog reading! Thanks! - Miri

  2. most tender story. I wish everything was well between real people, life would be extraordinary!
    Happy start to the week, sweet friend.
    A big kiss.

  3. Jennifer,

    They are all so cute! I'm glad they've made friends already!

    - Momma Cat

  4. Como me gusta esta colección de muñecos. Tengo algunos y son todos preciosos.

  5. Oh so your SF family is growing! I have to admit these creatures are lovely! :) Hugs

  6. So glad that they arrived safely and are quickly adjusting. They will be happy. Thanks for adopting them.

  7. SF friends are sooo lovely, I bought hedgehogs to my nephews. Hugs, Melli

  8. o yes..the sf is ever so cute! :) great little scenes and story ! :)

  9. me alegro mucho de que los nuevos miembros de la familia esten tan integrados ya ,son unos animalitos preciosos y un regalo fantastico



  10. Hello Jennifer,
    I love Sylvanian Family's! If I did not have the Manor I would totally collect them.
    Big hug,

  11. Bellissimi questi pupazzetti complimenti Jennifer kiss!

  12. Hi Jennifer!
    The Sylvanian is so adorable with all the different families...The ones you have got now are so CUTE! :) Happy that they are friends already!
    ...sorry I haven't visited your blog so often this summer. I just have been so buzy. With the autumn coming, the days come more normal to me!

  13. They are adorable! And all the secenes you create are also so cute:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

  14. The baby beaver looks so cute. I see you made your orphans feel welcome! Nothing sadder than a naked Sylvanian critter! Lovely family. I just adore the beavers so much. Can't resist the toothy grin!

  15. How cute! The sweet little orphans already feel at home and the scenes are adorable. Great gifts to enjoy.
    Hugs, Drora

  16. These two little darling orphans came to the right place... Those SF critters are for sure cuties - thanks for these lovely pictures.


  17. They are all so cute! I love the beavers' little teeth. They make adorable photos! Especially with your clothes and accessories. What a happy little village!

  18. What a sweet story! I'm looking forward to more stories from the Sylvanian Families village. xoxo Maureen

  19. Hi Jennifer! I've always thought Sylvanian Families were at the top of the 'cute' chart and now you're giving us orphans! There's so much cuteness and loveliness happening here I had to have a lie down before I could comment..☺
    Honestly, if I ever lose my interest in Lego I'm going straight for Sylvanian Families! Thanks for the lovely story and great pictures!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  20. What a cute welcome for them! The beaver baby is indeed very cute :)

  21. This is just adorable! I love the story. Thanks for sharing the blog information; I'm off to go check it out.

  22. I'm so happy to see that your two orphans have been warmly welcomed in the village. They are adorable and Moufette's little sister has already a lot of friends.
    I'm so impatient, I can't wait no more to see your new addition!
    Have a beautiful week!

  23. Jennifer, they are adorable! Love the simple design of the Sylvanian family figures. They are so very sweet and have the qutest accessories. Pam xx

  24. Enhorabuena!!! son unos personajes adorables.

  25. What wonderful new friends for the rest of your critter clan! And such well traveled babies coming from exotic places. Oh the end of the year pick nicks and BBQ' are in full swing, they look like they had a wonderful time!

    Hugs ~J

  26. Wonderful stories Jennifer these are all so cute. I love the SF though I have to be strict with myself and Not let me get into collecting them lol. Your pictures are wonderful and really make me smile.
    Hugs Maria

  27. sooo darling!

  28. A cute story, I love a good ending! That beaver family is just too cute!! And the village looks great, I just want to see more from this! Hannah


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