Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Flossy and Bluebelle Beat the Heat!

We've been having a heatwave again here in Portland. It feels like the summer has been one long heatwave. Luckily for Flossy and Bluebelle, they've got yummy tropical drinks to help them beat the heat.

The coconut drinks are so cooling, in fact, that Flossy and Bluebelle feel as if they've been transported to a tropical paradise:

Meanwhile, Flossy has been baking again. This time she made chocolate chip cookies and strawberry waffles...

...AND two kinds of cake!

Mmm, if the drinks aren't enough to take their minds off the heat, these tasty treats will do the trick! Bluebelle makes a mental note to come visit Flossy's Cupcake Cottage more often. ;-)

Hope you all are doing well! Making mini food is a lot of fun! Until next time, keep having fun, whatever you're doing! xoxo Jennifer

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fun New Blog Friend!

I felt really lucky the day I found Ann Sanz's fun blog, El arte de Angelina. She makes beautiful miniature foods and more, and I love looking at things like that, so I was happy.

Look at that yummy whipped cream!

Soon I became a regular commentor on Ann's blog, and then I received a wonderful surprise. Ann wrote me that she was so grateful that I was her first follower that she wanted to send me a gift. Then Ann sent me the gorgeous mixer above plus these Re-Ment donut set goodies:

Ice cold drinks on a hot day!

And all of these treasures too:

So many yummy things!

Wow! So many cute Re-Ment minis plus sweet handmade miniatures made by Ann herself! I was in the middle of sending a thank-you note, when I decided to go through all of Ann's blog posts. There I found the sweetest little brownie scene. The brownies were luscious looking, and the heart-shaped table was so adorable. Then I noticed that the whole scene, including the table and chair, was available in Ann's Etsy shop.

For sale NOW in Ann's Etsy shop!

I made my order quickly, before anyone could get to my prized set, and when it arrived, it came with the sweetest gravy boat filled with chocolate and an extra pink tablecloth (equally adorable). Plus, just as I had imagined, this set was the perfect pick-me-up for Flossy's little Cupcake Cottage sitting room--yay!

Mmm, look at those yummy brownies! Flossy is taking a well-deserved break from baking cupcakes to sit back and enjoy some fresh brownies for a nice change of pace. :-)

Thank you so much for everything, Ann! It was already enough to follow your sweet blog, but all of your gifts are wonderful icing on the cake! ;-) I'm so glad to have met you, my fun new blog friend!

If you haven't seen Ann's blog or her Etsy shop, I highly recommend them. She's got that homemade, shabby thing going that's so adorable, plus she regularly has tutorials on her blog for how to make mini foods! And she's selling some fantastic Halloween items in her Etsy shop right now--check it out! Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer