Friday, October 10, 2014

Bluebelle and Sophie Give Thanks!

Poor Bluebelle! She was working all day in her cake shop with nowhere to sleep after a hard day's work! Now she finally has a sleeping nook in the rafters of her shop where she can sleep at night or even take a cat nap in the middle of the day, when there are no customers, of course. ;-)

Look how peacefully she rests on her perch in the rafters! I think she's snoring! tee hee!

And then she can fly down to the cake shop to start another day! Bluebelle is definitely doing a little happy dance and giving thanks for her new bedroom, and it wouldn't have been completed nearly as quickly if I hadn't seen Jane's post on using foam core board in miniature building. (Shh! I didn't even have to glue in the loft, since I cut the foam core board slightly large and squeezed it between the walls of the cake shop! It's very stable and so simple! ;-))

Next, Sophie is giving thanks for two things. First, we won Lisa's amazing autumn "Give Thanks" giveaway over at Mini Addictions blog, and Lisa wrapped everything so beautifully and sent so many gorgeous prizes and extra gifts! Mmm, look at that tasty pumpkin pie and those gorgeous Georgia peaches in a handmade basket!

But that's not all! Lisa also sent all these goodies, including this incredible dollhouse miniature Halloween rug:

Can you believe how tiny the stitches are?! Lisa used a magnifier to make it--what a very generous and thoughtful gift! Thank you so much for all of these autumn treasures, Lisa--we love everything you sent. Check out Lisa's blog, Mini Addictions, if you haven't already. She's a very talented miniaturist with a fun blog and amazing giveaways!

There's one more thing that Sophie is giving thanks for: my husband cut some extra windows in Sophie's house:

Now I can get better light in Sophie's cabin for taking photographs. Sophie loves her new windows and is planning to put some pretty curtains up next. Where's Flossy? She's ecstatic with the gifts she received in the mail from a very talented artist. One of the gifts is a pretty new outfit, which Flossy is trying on right now. :-) You'll see Flossy in the next post! Until then, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Wow!, lovely gifts, Jennifer! have a great Autumn, I also included in the shipment to you today I did a couple of things for Halloween!
    Congratulations, my friend.
    A big hugs.

  2. Lisa's gifts are fantastic I love the rug. Bluebell looks very happy in her new room what a great idea and you have filled it beautifully. Looking at your wonderful pictures always makes me smile :))))
    Big hugs Maria

  3. Wonderful gifts! The rug is funny. I like the new Bluebelle's bedroom. She looks very quiet and I think she is doing some nice dreams.

  4. I love that Bluebell now has a loft to sleep in! Fantastic job!!!! And all those gift wow, Shopie better be thankful! ;-)

  5. OMG I love this bedroom, it is so adorable and Bluebelle looks very happy and comfortable! The tiny details are so sweet. I love the cover of her bed.
    The foam core board is a great idea. I like the idea to fly down in her cake shop! lol
    You have receive some beautiful gifts and very well made.
    I wait to see Flossy with her new outfit! ;)
    Have a beautiful day.
    Take care of you my Dear friend

  6. It really looks like she is snoring =) I'm glad there were no customers in the shop to hear that =)
    Great way to use the foam core board! And congratulations to the fantastic gifts!

  7. A very good idea making a loft bedroom for bluebird. It's so important to get a good sleep after a hard day's work.
    Lisa's gifts are wonderful. I agree with you about Lisa, who is not only talented but also very generous. I love the Halloween rug.
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Hello Jennifer,
    What a great post. I am truly happy so much good cheer is going around in your mini world. The loft is a great use of space and makes for a very cozy room. The miniatures you received are all terrific...and a new window to boot!
    Big hug,

  9. Thank you for the beautiful post! I am so happy that you like everything. Enjoy! I love Bluebelles' sleeping nook...I wish I had one at work...he he. Your husband did a great job on Sophie's windows and I look forward to the curtains. Have a great day!

  10. Hello from Spain: Bluebelle is happy. She can now sleep in his new bed. Great furniture. Fabulous pics. Keep in touch

  11. Cuánto me gustan tus entrañables historias!! Disfruta tus hermosos regalos!! Un abrazo

  12. I love Bluebelle bed! Great idea! Enjoy your beautiful gifts! Hope to see more photos of Sophie's cabin and Flossy in her new dress!

  13. Very fun post and beautiful photos! Bluebelle is a cutie and I'm glad she has a place to rest now. She looks so happy. Lisa's give away is awesome. I like to read her blog too.

  14. Your posts always make me smile and pleases the child inside me.

  15. Congratulations to your prize! It's awesome! I love that rug- great work! Bluebells bed is very cute. :) and the windows- it looks so bright now !

  16. That extra floor is brilliantly done! Jane is so clever! Very nice decorated too! Bluebelle's shop looks more beautiful than ever! And what a great giveaway prize you have received! Lisa is so talented!

  17. Congratulations on your prizes, Jennifer, Lisa's work is wonderful, enjoy it all :D!! I love Bluebelles' sleeping nook, what a great find.
    But maybe you still have to glue this foam core board in place, because it can go loose by the (heavy) snoring of Bluebelle :D LOL! No, I am just teasing you, it all looks wonderful.
    I wish you a nice weekend!
    Hugs, Ilona

  18. Hi Jennifer! Bluebelle seems to be very satisfied and happy about her new sleeping nook!
    And congratulations for winning LIsa's gorgeous Giveaway!
    Have a nice weekednd!

  19. I think it is Splendid idea that Bluebell now has sleeping perch/berth inside her shop! A Very clever addition Jennifer and Bluebell's happy dance is adorable! :D Your most recent Giveaway gifts are also lovely and they have fit right in with your autumn decor. I hope that Sophie will be offering up a slice of that delicious looking pumpkin pie and I would love a bite of Lisa's juicy Georgia Peaches right now. :))
    Have lots of fun with all of the new additions and changes in your mini kingdom Jennifer. And I too, am very Thankful that you have shared All these goodies with us.


  20. What fantastic gifts for fall and halloween! Oh everything looks wonderful and how comfy bluebell must be sleeping in her wonderful new bed!

    The pie looks delicious, I am craving pumpkin pie now!

    Pat the hubby on the back for a job well done, the lighting in all your shots looks so wonderful!.

    Health, happiness and hugs~J

  21. Dear Jennifer, what a wonderful idea, a sleeping nook for Bleubelle, and you don´t need a staircase, how clever :)
    The room is soo cozy with the kettle on and the pretty crotched bedcover, I love it !!
    Congratulations for winning Lisa's beautiful giveaway, she send you some gorgeous gifts !!
    Your hubby did a great job on the windows, so we now can look forward to a lot of pictures from Sophie's house :)
    Enjoy all your lovely new mini´s and have a wonderful weekend my friend !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  22. Que feliz se ve a Bluebelle con su rincón donde dormir. Yo tambien estaría bailando.
    Los regalos de Lisa, son preciosos.
    Que los disfrutes.

  23. What a wonderful idea for Bluebelle's private place... it looks so cozy and nice, no wonder she is happy. Just the perfect solution for a birdie... but I really don't think she was snoring... no, no... I bet this was just a case of... eh... let's say... heavy breathing... ;O) And great that your hubby brought more light into Sophie's home, this will be welcome during the dark months. And about your presents - simply stunning! Enjoy!


  24. Has encontrado un bonito y tranquilo rincón para Bluebelle. Los regalos son preciosos.

  25. The loft is perfect. And how cute is that pompom garland!!! I love your winnings. The rug is so adorable. And so are the pumpkins, pie and the bunting.
    I'm sure the extra window will be very helpful with your photos.

  26. I particularly loved Blubelles tea pot high up under the rafters. That way she can begin a new day with a nice cup of tea :). Lucky she can fly and no ladder is needed atall. Such sweet cake, pumpkins, rug and all. Can't believe the patience that must have gone into that rug. Blessings, Pam xx

  27. It's so cute, at always!
    I love the nook for Bluebelle ^^
    Greetings for your husband too
    Hugs from France

  28. Everything so lovely!!! The nook for Bluebelle is fantastic. Congratulations on the wonderful gifts.

  29. Hi Jennifer! Great idea to give Bluebelle a bed in the rafters! It makes a good use of the space and makes everything really cozy! Wonderful gifts! The Halloween rug is gorgeous!!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  30. Bluebelle is fantastic. Congratulations for wonderful gifts! Kiss

  31. Wow! Everything looks great! And - delicious!! :)

  32. Bluebelle looks so adorable asleep (snoring) in her loft. A perfect solution for rest time. Love the little BOO mat.

  33. que bonita cama ideaste y que bonitos regalos

  34. La boutique est vraiment trés jolie ^^ oh il est trop mignon ce petit oiseau !!
    Très mignonne histoire, j'adore !!!
    A bientôt !

  35. I love Bluebelles little cosy bedroom! And that halloween giveaway looks amazing- especially the tiny woven basket. beautiful!

  36. So cute, Jennifer! I love the multi-colored garland in Bluebelle's sleeping nook - it's so pretty. What a great idea for a bird to have her very own perch for private naps. I wish I had one! xoxo Maureen

  37. Bluebelles cake shop is so cute, cute, cute! I could eat a whole shop. Not just cakes. So yummy! And what a lovely place Bluebell have now for her afternoon naps!

  38. I'm glad Bluebelle has now that wonderful bed! I love the blanket she has, it is so cute!! And that giveaway you won is lovely!

  39. Bluebelle is very happy in new bad, it also seems to me to hear her snoring !!! Congratulations for the great prizes you have won, a hug

  40. Can I just say, Blubelle's house is gorgeous! So cute and sweet, the bedroom is so cosy and the cake shop.... delicious! Congrats on your wins and I love the cute fall items!
    ~ julia

  41. The loft is gorgeous!! And the cake shop too!! It's all so detailed and amazing! I hope someday I can put together miniature scenes like this! :)
    - Paige

  42. Hello Jenn!
    The loft looks very well done sweety! I think you did a great job! and it looks so cozy and warm ... I bet Bluebelle loves it! :)
    Lisa's pieces are awesome! I'm visiting her blog after I finish my msg for you :). Again, I totally loooove that loft!

    Hugs my friend!!

  43. I just love your self made felt(?) creatures! I think they blend very well with the way you decorated the shop. It's super super cute and I keep imagining your pics as greeting cards especially the first one >< You're super talented!

  44. So sweet again, Jennifer! I love all the details and colours! Hugs Sanne

  45. The little cake shop is just precious. I love how everything is the perfect pink. The rafters are a fun touch as well! The mini pom pom garland is really cute. :)


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