Wednesday, November 12, 2014

French Gifts for Flossy and Sophie, Part 1

Last time I showed you some amazing gifts from my new friend Capucine in France. She sent gorgeous kawaii Halloween treats and dresses for my Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls. Now it's time to see what Flossy and Sophie received from Capucine. Flossy invited Sophie to Cupcake Cottage to play with her new dollhouse with its resident rabbit family!

Look at the dollhouse's beautiful strawberry design:

And look inside! This house will provide hours and hours of fun for the girls. And did you notice Flossy's new skirt with matching bow and bag? It was hand sewn with hand painted flowers on the skirt by Capucine too! Flossy loves her new outfit! :-)

While Flossy and Sophie play, you can see the Mini Flossy and Mini Sophie that Capucine's daughter made. Their arms and legs move just like the Big Flossy and Big Sophie too! Thank you for these precious gifts!

We look just like the Big Flossy and Big Sophie! 

Wow! After all of that fun play, Sophie the bear was getting VERY hungry. No problem! Flossy has a selection of French desserts for Sophie and Flossy to share:

Mmm, look at the details on those yummy treats, all made by Capucine! Even the croissants look flaky and realistic. My mouth is watering looking at them again!

Ahh, dessert finished, there's another gorgeous addition to Cupcake Cottage. It's an amazing hand painted grocery list chalk board. Flossy will walk to the kitchen window to show it to you:

Carrots, honey, salad, fish, milk, radish, bonbons!

The grocery list is perfect, with some tasty treats for both girls on the list! And now one final gift to show you today, it's a beautiful hand painted box:

Jouets de Paris--Paris Toys

But look, when Flossy and Sophie hold it open for you, you can see what is inside the box:

It's a bunch of cute, handmade by Capucine, Kawaii pencils with characters such as Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma! Already, Sophie has picked her favorite pencil:

And speaking of Sophie, she has her own gifts from Capucine to show you, in Part 2 of this post, coming soon! Please check out Capucine's two blogs, Capucine and Ninour and Cherie et sa fine equipe. Both blogs have laugh-out-loud funny stories with her wonderful characters, and she has Google Friend Connect gadgets on both blogs, so you can be sure to never miss one of her darling posts. :-)

Thank you for all of these precious gifts, Capucine. You are very talented and very thoughtful, and Flossy and Sophie love everything you sent! Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Oh my gosh, everything is just so adorable in this post! Flossy's dress is beautiful! I can't stop looking at those pencils, I would like a box of them for myself. :) Cannot wait for part two!!

  2. Wonderful cottage i love your story! Kiss

  3. Oh, you are so lucky to receive these wonderful gifts, Jennifer, enjoy it all :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Unos regalos maravillosos!!!!

  5. Such sweet gifts! Love them! Enjoy them all of you in RL and miniature life. :)

  6. Ohhhthat's too cute, thanks for the links and congratulations to her for her fabulous gifts ^^
    Hugs from France too!

  7. Wow, I'm really amazed by that wonderful gifts! All the things are so detailed and tiny! The dollhouse is my absolut favourite, I want one too :D. Congratulations, I'm so happy for you! I'll check out her blogs :)

  8. how beautiful all your gifts, Jennifer! I love lápuces box, very cool!
    Congratulations, my sweet friend!
    A big hugs

  9. Wow! These gifts are amazing! I love the tiny dollhouse, and little Flossy and little Sophie are so cute! and the pencils and hand painted chalkboard, so beautiful.

  10. Amazing! Capucine has really spoiled Flossy & Sophie. I am in awe of all of the details. Everything is beautiful, Jennifer!

  11. Todos los regalos de Capucine son fantásticos!! Un abrazo

  12. What marvellous gifts! They are perfect for Sophie and Flossy, they will have so much fun with them.

  13. Flossy and Sophie you're very lucky, these gifts are amazing.

  14. Siempre me divierto con las entradas de tu blog.
    Flossy y Sophie son entrañables y con su nueva equipación y sus nuevos juguetes, se las ve muy felices.
    Un abrazo

  15. Flossys new dress is really sweet :) How adorable gifts you got, congrats!

  16. Wow amazing gifts from Capucine! She is truly talented and her miniature are adorable! I am floored by Mini Flossy and Mini Sophie! I mean... how cute are they? I love how all the gifts she send you are personalized for your blog and Sophie and Flossie's characters! Totally jaw-dropping attention to details!

  17. Congratulations Jennifer on all these Fantastic gifts. I love the strawberry house wow. The tiny Flossy and Sophie are amazing.Your friend is a wonderful miniaturist and how lucky for you to have so many stunning treasures. Enjoy :)
    Hugs Maria

  18. Hi Jennifer! You have got some amazing gifts from Capucine! The mini-me Flossy and Sophie are gorgeous! The box and pencils are so tiny and cute and the cakes are perfect! I look forward to seeing what other awesome presents you got from France!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  19. Son unos regalos preciosos. Dulces y divertidos.

  20. OH my goodness! Adorable and amazing gifts!! I know you must have been bouncing from joy for these bitty wonders, I love that she did little versions of all the gals! Those pencils, love them.

    Your shots look fanatastic also hon, I hope the cold is over in your area, I saw the artic was moving in ;(

  21. Everything is so cute! The little dollhouse is so detailed!! Oh my God it has a little farm next to the house. The little pencils are so cute with animal decorations. Flossy's new outfit looks good and it's even cuter to carry a bear-shaped purse. Capucine's work is amazing!

  22. Wow Jennifer , what gorgeous gifts, the little dollshouse is sooo cute and I love Flossy's new skirt !!
    The box and pencils are amazing, she really spoiled you :), enjoy all your new mini´s and stay warm my friend :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  23. Wow! Amazing gifts! Everything's so tiny and beautiful! I look at theses pictures for hours, miniature cuteness overload! ;)

  24. The gifts are so pretty. The straberry house is fantastic

  25. Everything looks so nice! I'm totally in love with the mini house:)

  26. Thank you so much Jennifer for this wonderful post and for your so kind words though.
    I think my creations are much more beautiful through your photos than they are in reality. You have a great talent for embellishing things.
    I am pleased to see Flossy and Sophie having fun with the little house. With this nice light, it feels like you're in a dream.
    They don't necessary have to eat all the cakes at once, mostly since they are almost bigger than them! ha ha
    The girls will be able to write some beautiful Christmas cards with all these pencils ... and Capucine and Ninour are almost standing if front of the mailbox! lol
    I look forward to the post with gifts for Sophie! ;)
    Thank you again my sweet friend for this post that makes me dream and gives me the strength and will to create some other things.

    1. Hi Capucine! You are too humble. My photographs often don't do justice to your gorgeous gifts. I tried my best, but often the photos failed to show how really beautiful your gifts are. Thank you again for everything! xo Jennifer

  27. Oh my goodness! Capucine's gifts are so detailed! Everything is so precious and gorgeous. It's all so cute!

  28. Ах!!!! Восторг! Домик для маленьких зайцев великолепен!!! А какие карандаши!!!! Я завидую!!!!! Capucine очень талантлива и щедра!!!!

  29. Wow! Mini Flossy and Mini Sophie are TOO CUTE!!! As is the little dollhouse! And the custom pencils! Love it all so much! :)


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