Thursday, March 20, 2014

Surprise on Flossy's Doorstep

Flossy heard a light scratching at her door. When she opened it, she found a bouquet of beautiful white flowers and an adorable puppy.

It looks like the puppy has found his new home, and Flossy may have a secret admirer as well. ;-)

The gorgeous wicker furniture set, bouquet of flowers, magazine rack (not pictured) and sweet dog with bed were all special gifts from Drora of Drora's Minimundo blog. I helped Drora with a computer issue, and she sent all of these precious gifts, which I adore! Thank you so much, Drora! It was my pleasure to provide assistance. I will treasure these beauties and your friendship forever!

Drora has such a warm and inviting blog full of helpful miniature tutorials. In fact, she has tutorials for making the wicker chairs here and the table and other accessories here. And recently she added a darling tutorial for making a miniature frog teapot here. Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fun Miniature Swap with Esther

I recently had a fun miniature swap with Esther of Mi mundo de miniatura blog. She made so many beautiful gifts that are just my style and in the colors I love. First, she sent all sorts of wonderful kitchen gadgets:

There's a gorgeous watering can in blue and white, beautiful cake stand with a rose design on blue background, a fun mini pimer (hand-held mixer) that Flossy is about to plug in, gorgeous cake pans, and a mini wire whisk. Everything is so cute!

Next, Esther made me a gorgeous homemade pizza with bacon, mushroom, black olive, and oregano--yum yum! Look, there's even a coupon for 50% off my next takeout order. Esther has a fantastic tutorial for making this pizza on her blog here.

And to top off Flossy's meal, Esther sent some scrumptious miniature desserts!

My mouth waters now looking at the photo. Her talent knows no bounds! Flossy is extremely happy with this swap! And so am I! Thank you so much for your incredible miniature gifts, Esther! I love everything you sent and had so much fun getting to know you better. To see what I sent Esther, check out her post here.

Esther's blog is a real gem. She makes miniatures from found objects and polymer clay. And the best part is, she shows how to make them in numerous tutorials. Thank you, Esther, for offering such a wonderful resource to miniaturists everywhere. Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Friday, March 14, 2014

3-Year Blog Anniversary Winner!

The time is finally here to pick the winner of our 3-year blog anniversary giveaway! Flossy and Bluebelle are at the helm this time.

First, Bluebelle will pick the lucky winner's slip of paper:

And she's got it!

Now Flossy will turn over the winning slip of paper to reveal the winner's name. Who will it be?

Congratulations, Elizabeth! You've won this prize:

Please email me ASAP with your mailing address, so I can get your prize to you right away. :-)

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this giveaway, to everyone who reads Plushpussycat blog, and to everyone who comments on my posts. I've had so much fun these last three years, and much of that fun is due to you.

I wish there could have been more than one winner this time, but there will be more chances soon. The next giveaway is just around the corner, in time to celebrate my birthday, which falls around Easter each year. First, there are wonderful miniature gifts to show you, a new story, and a sneak preview of my latest interest. So keep your eyes on this blog, because somewhere in the middle of all that, I'll announce a new giveaway! In the meantime, keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meet Artist Monica Castillo

Not only is she a talented miniaturist from Barcelona, she's also an amazing mixed media artist. A self-taught painter from age ten, Monica makes custom books that include her original illustrations. Monica Castillo's blog is called Kitchen Miniature, and I know you'll love her blog and her work!

I've recently received some gorgeous miniature gifts in the mail from sweet blog friends. One precious friendship package came from Monica. First, see the beautiful gifts, all handmade by her, that Monica sent for Flossy's Cupcake Cottage:

There's a darling spa kit with eye mask, nail polish, and cotton balls in a jar; a gorgeous picnic basket with a plate, napkins, wrapped sandwiches, and cheese; and a delicious cheese board with three kinds of cheeses, bread, and pears! Everything is so beautiful and thoughtful. Flossy is over the moon with happiness!

Monica sent more beautiful miniature gifts too:

The chicken plaque has a wonderful red gingham paper on the back, the broken egg is so fun, and the other minis are so delicate and beautiful. Sophie will have the chicken plaque in her bear cabin soon, and I'm afraid someone has already eaten the chocolates since I took this photo! ;-)

Next, Monica sent a beautiful lapel pin featuring a hand painted camera and the message "Smile!" :

And for the grand finale, Monica sent this gorgeous painting as part of her beautiful friendship gift:

It's one of Monica's original paintings, on mat board. The painting is called Rabbit Queen. There are words around the outside edge of the rabbit, which read: "all you need is love, believe in you in the power of love and life will be wonderful. believe in you, love is in the air." Not only is the painting gorgeous, with rich colors, many layers of pigment, and a deep meaning, but it is also one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.

Thank you for everything, Monica! You're a beautiful, talented, and thoughtful friend. Monica's blog, Kitchen Miniature, is full of gorgeous miniatures like the ones I've shown you today. If you have a chance, please check out Monica's blog, leave her a nice comment, and welcome her to blogland!

I have more miniature gifts to show you soon, plus a new story! Plus, don't forget! Plushpussycat's 3-year blog anniversary giveaway is still going through Thursday, March 13, 2014. Leave a comment on the giveaway post to enter. I'll announce the winner on Friday! Until next time, keep things fun! xoxo Jennifer