Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Party!

Strawberry Shortcake and friends went traveling over the summer and never returned. So now some Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls have moved into the Hello Kitty dollhouse. Tonight they're having a Halloween party to celebrate the holiday and new friends.

One of our new friends, Capucine of Capucine and Ninour blog and Cherie et sa fine equipe blogs has given us some amazing Halloween gifts, just perfect for the Halloween party. First, look at this adorable Rilakkuma Halloween cake with matching chocolate pumpkin lollipops:

Mmm, everyone agrees that everything looks really tasty. Then one girl thinks she has seen something across the room:

Ooh, maybe she saw a ghost? Or a zombie? ;-)

Meanwhile, upstairs the other girls are preparing their costumes for the party, all handmade by Capucine. They look so good in these cute outfits that one friend insists on taking a group photo:

Happy Halloween!!! Thank you to Capucine for providing the delicious food and costumes for the party. Visit her two blogs to see darling, funny stories in miniature. Next time I'll show you the other amazing minis this talented artist sent. Until then, keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Friday, October 10, 2014

Bluebelle and Sophie Give Thanks!

Poor Bluebelle! She was working all day in her cake shop with nowhere to sleep after a hard day's work! Now she finally has a sleeping nook in the rafters of her shop where she can sleep at night or even take a cat nap in the middle of the day, when there are no customers, of course. ;-)

Look how peacefully she rests on her perch in the rafters! I think she's snoring! tee hee!

And then she can fly down to the cake shop to start another day! Bluebelle is definitely doing a little happy dance and giving thanks for her new bedroom, and it wouldn't have been completed nearly as quickly if I hadn't seen Jane's post on using foam core board in miniature building. (Shh! I didn't even have to glue in the loft, since I cut the foam core board slightly large and squeezed it between the walls of the cake shop! It's very stable and so simple! ;-))

Next, Sophie is giving thanks for two things. First, we won Lisa's amazing autumn "Give Thanks" giveaway over at Mini Addictions blog, and Lisa wrapped everything so beautifully and sent so many gorgeous prizes and extra gifts! Mmm, look at that tasty pumpkin pie and those gorgeous Georgia peaches in a handmade basket!

But that's not all! Lisa also sent all these goodies, including this incredible dollhouse miniature Halloween rug:

Can you believe how tiny the stitches are?! Lisa used a magnifier to make it--what a very generous and thoughtful gift! Thank you so much for all of these autumn treasures, Lisa--we love everything you sent. Check out Lisa's blog, Mini Addictions, if you haven't already. She's a very talented miniaturist with a fun blog and amazing giveaways!

There's one more thing that Sophie is giving thanks for: my husband cut some extra windows in Sophie's house:

Now I can get better light in Sophie's cabin for taking photographs. Sophie loves her new windows and is planning to put some pretty curtains up next. Where's Flossy? She's ecstatic with the gifts she received in the mail from a very talented artist. One of the gifts is a pretty new outfit, which Flossy is trying on right now. :-) You'll see Flossy in the next post! Until then, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer