Saturday, November 22, 2014

Candy Floss Cart for Flossy!

Our dear friend Monica of Kitchen Miniature blog (with so many delicious miniature foods!) said she'd like to send us a little friendship package and what would we like? I mentioned that I would love a mini cotton candy cart / candy floss cart for Flossy (she's named "Flossy" because she looks like candy floss, after all!).

Monica, being the sweet and dear friend that she is, willingly and lovingly made it, even though the project was a lot of work. Then she sent a package with even more special gifts, including all of these beauties:

Even the packaging was so lovely that Flossy wants to use the pink with white polka dot container on the floor as a dressing table seat! There's some of Monica's famous mini food (lollipops in a jar and Halloween treats), a gorgeous clay jack-o-lantern, a tiny key with a beautiful knotted key chain, a tiny Blythe doll box that will go straight to the Hello Kitty dollhouse with the LPS Blythe dolls, a couple of darling tea towels, a beautiful locket on a chain with a cupcake motif inside, and a bag full of delicate fall leaves. Monica's daughter Neus sent a beautiful handmade card too (not pictured).

Flossy and Sophie want to show you the cotton candy cart now. Here's the front:

"Life is Sweet"

And here's the back:

Wow! The cart, and all of these precious gifts, fit so well in Flossy and Sophie's world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Monica! You're so generous with your time and talent. Forgive me for taking so long to post about your gorgeous and generous gifts. Monica's gifts arrived just before Halloween, but I had other gifts that arrived first, and other things got in the way. Thank you so much for your patience! You've made Flossy a very, very happy bunny!

Next time: someone new! Until then, keep having fun! xoxo Jennifer

Saturday, November 15, 2014

French Gifts for Flossy and Sophie, Part 2

Last time I showed you the gorgeous handcrafted dollhouse miniatures that Capucine sent Flossy and Sophie all the way from France. Now it's time for Sophie to show the amazing gifts that Capucine sent just for her.

Flossy was sipping a cup of hot chocolate when she received a telephone call. Who could it be? Of course! It's her good friend Sophie calling from Brambleberry Cabin on her new Rilakkuma telephone made by Capucine!

Sophie has invited Flossy to visit to see the gorgeous gifts Capucine sent her. While Sophie waits for Flossy to arrive, she'll give us an exclusive first tour. Sophie models the new Hello Kitty sleep mask that Capucine sent. It fits Sophie perfectly, and it helps her get good quality sleep too!

The Rilakkuma pillow under Sophie's head and the Hello Kitty slippers were both gifts from Capucine too! Aren't they all adorable? Sophie loves them all! Now it's on to some tasty food! This darling Re-Ment Rilakkuma Home Made cooking set was sent by Capucine.

Sophie will save this to share with Flossy when she arrives. The two tarts look delicious, and we know how much Flossy loves sweets! Sophie will eat the one shaped like a bear, and Flossy can have the one shaped like a chick! Before Flossy arrives, however, Sophie cannot wait to eat this yummy Re-Ment ALOHA Hawaii hamburger with slices of fresh avocado:

Mmm, it smells heavenly, and it has lots of good protein for growing bears like Sophie! Sophie will drench the burger in ketchup and wash the whole meal down with the yummy cola drink that Capucine included. OK, it's good-bye for now, while Sophie enjoys her lunch! Thank you so much for all of these amazing and thoughtful gifts, Capucine! You are a very talented, dear, and thoughtful friend!

To see Capucine's other gifts to us, see my two previous posts here and here. Visit Capucine's darling blogs at Capucine and Ninour and Cherie et sa fine equipe. The stories will make you laugh out loud, and her cheery images will make your day brighter! You can also see what I sent to Capucine on this post.

Next time, I'll show you some sweet and special gifts from another dear friend, plus there is "someone" new in my life. I hope to show it all in my next post! Until then, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

French Gifts for Flossy and Sophie, Part 1

Last time I showed you some amazing gifts from my new friend Capucine in France. She sent gorgeous kawaii Halloween treats and dresses for my Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls. Now it's time to see what Flossy and Sophie received from Capucine. Flossy invited Sophie to Cupcake Cottage to play with her new dollhouse with its resident rabbit family!

Look at the dollhouse's beautiful strawberry design:

And look inside! This house will provide hours and hours of fun for the girls. And did you notice Flossy's new skirt with matching bow and bag? It was hand sewn with hand painted flowers on the skirt by Capucine too! Flossy loves her new outfit! :-)

While Flossy and Sophie play, you can see the Mini Flossy and Mini Sophie that Capucine's daughter made. Their arms and legs move just like the Big Flossy and Big Sophie too! Thank you for these precious gifts!

We look just like the Big Flossy and Big Sophie! 

Wow! After all of that fun play, Sophie the bear was getting VERY hungry. No problem! Flossy has a selection of French desserts for Sophie and Flossy to share:

Mmm, look at the details on those yummy treats, all made by Capucine! Even the croissants look flaky and realistic. My mouth is watering looking at them again!

Ahh, dessert finished, there's another gorgeous addition to Cupcake Cottage. It's an amazing hand painted grocery list chalk board. Flossy will walk to the kitchen window to show it to you:

Carrots, honey, salad, fish, milk, radish, bonbons!

The grocery list is perfect, with some tasty treats for both girls on the list! And now one final gift to show you today, it's a beautiful hand painted box:

Jouets de Paris--Paris Toys

But look, when Flossy and Sophie hold it open for you, you can see what is inside the box:

It's a bunch of cute, handmade by Capucine, Kawaii pencils with characters such as Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma! Already, Sophie has picked her favorite pencil:

And speaking of Sophie, she has her own gifts from Capucine to show you, in Part 2 of this post, coming soon! Please check out Capucine's two blogs, Capucine and Ninour and Cherie et sa fine equipe. Both blogs have laugh-out-loud funny stories with her wonderful characters, and she has Google Friend Connect gadgets on both blogs, so you can be sure to never miss one of her darling posts. :-)

Thank you for all of these precious gifts, Capucine. You are very talented and very thoughtful, and Flossy and Sophie love everything you sent! Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer