Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Instagram, Petite Blythe Dolls, Gifts, and Giveaway

Hi y'all! What a beautiful summer we've been having! A good friend of mine suggested I try Instagram, given my interest in visual images. I'm finding that it's a lot easier than blogging, because you can load photos from your day, life, and interests with or without text. Since it's all done with your cell phone, it couldn't be easier! So here's my Instagram link, in case you're interested in seeing what I'm up to: www.instagram.com/pdxjbear/.

I have a new interest as of the last few months: Petite Blythe dolls. I love how they have a bit of a Japanese manga look to them, and they fit in 1:12 settings beautifully. It's fun to make clothes for them too. :-) Speaking of clothes, a dear friend sent this darling outfit for my dolls. To see all of my dolls, look here.

See the tiny green plush bunny in the photo? Pepper of MitchyMooMiniatures  sent him, along with four other adorable mini plushies, to thank me for a small gift I sent her. What a generous and talented person! If you want to see some amazing miniature scenes, look no further than Pepper's blog.

Speaking of gifts, I received some lovely surprise gifts at Christmas from Monica of Kitchen Miniature blog, Birgit of BiWuBaren on the Blog, Fabiola of Miominimondo blog, and Kikka of  Pieni Sammakko blog. And the Christmas before last I received some lovely surprise gifts from Irina of Narina Napertaa blog that I completely forgot to mention. How embarassing! As they say, better late than never! Simona of Soft and Malleable blog also sent me some beautiful gifts. Thank you, one and all, for your very thoughtful presents!

I notice that a lot of bloggers are away this summer, so I plan to host my giveaway celebrating four years of blogging in September, when people are online again. I hope you all are enjoying your summer or winter, whatever it may be, and I look forward to seeing you here, on Pinterest, and on Instagram. Until we meet next, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. I'm so happy that you like Instagram, it is a friendly place with nothing to do, just taking photos when you want! ;)
    Your girl is very cute with her new dress!
    Have a great week my sweet friend, see you soon on Instagram! Big hugs.

  2. Oh.My.God, you're little family is soooo cute!!!
    I MUST apologize for all the time without coming here, but I had a little work to do...^_^
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I tried to translate it with my poor English, so now, you will find it in both language, it's really fun to do!!

    So, I am happy to see you're little family, you made them really nice outfits wich is not easy at this size ^_^
    Have nice holidays and see you soon!

    Hugs from France!!

  3. Hi Jennifer! Your little doll is a cutie pie! You wrote your instagram wrong in your link. It takes you to some creepy site. You just misplaced the s and t.

    1. Thanks so much, Caroline! I've fixed that glitch now. The links work--yay! xo Jennifer

  4. Hi Jennifer, I'm glad you like Instagram, I love it too. Whenever life gets a bit too crazy to formally blog Instagram is a great way to stay connected and meet others with the same interests as you. I will follow you! ;) And congrats on four years of blogging! I will be sure to check out your giveaway when you do it, your generosity will surely be appreciated! :)

  5. Aww, your dolls are so cute! ^.^ They make me want to get an own Petite Blythe doll.
    I think it's a good idea to wait with the giveaway until september.

  6. me encanta tu familia de Petites Blythes,comparto tu amor por ellas,yo tengo tres y son tan lindas!!!!
    Enhorabuena por tantos regalos,ver el cariño de los amigos siempre te hace muy feliz!!!!!!

  7. Don't think I have ever heard of miniature Blythe, look like very sweet little dolls. Wish you a lovely Summer. From Pam in Norway x

  8. Hi Jennifer! You have a very adorable little family! Beautiful dolls! And so good to hear you have had wonderful summer so far!
    I have to learn more about the instagram, thank you for showing! Maybe I can follow you later also there. Wishing you lovely summer days!

  9. Hello Jennifer,
    You certainly were spoiled...and rightly so! The Blythe doll is lovely. Enjoy Instagram!
    Big hug,

  10. Your little blythe is so cute ^^
    I'm not really into instagram because my cellphone takes low quality pictures :( but I took a look at your account. You have such cute girls ;)

  11. Your little dolls are gorgeous. Makes me want one lol. Their clothes are beautiful. Enjoy your summer. It is always lovely to hear from you.
    Hugs Maria

  12. Pepper's plushy is so cute... perfect for your new interest... ;O) To me being a bear's person (*grin*) it's always interesting to see this variety of dolls. Hope to hear you soon... and don't forget about us here in blogland while enjoying Instagram. ;O)


  13. Good to read you again Jennifer! I am still thinking of Instagram for I am not that cellphone photo person. ;) Your dolls are cute! I am not planning summer blog holidays - one of the reason is of course I am too rarely on blogger lately. :)

  14. Hello Jennifer!

    I do hope your enjoying your summer fun! I like your new account interest, they always seem to have new ways of showing talent and inspiration and I love it!

    The gals duds look great, I hope your gifts inspire you to do some mini,ing of your own :)

    See you in a bit, don't get too sunburnt!

  15. Lots of gifts for a sweet Lady =0) Enjoy the summer!

  16. Hi Jennifer! nice to meet your cute doll! I hope, you will be still on Blogosphere, I don't like Instagram, facebook and other ... I'm very traditional woman, these innovations aren't for me :-)

    Big hugs!

  17. Hi Jennifer, what a cute dolly, she looks very sweet with her glasses! I'm not on Instagram, but all these kind of sites are fun, like Pinterest and Flickr. I was happy to read your comment on my new blog, and I look forward to follow your lovely posts again here too! Hugs!

  18. Hi Jennifer! I LOVE your Petite Blythe collections and their clothes are Wonderful! I so enjoy the variety of dolls and critters that are the citizens of your little kingdom. Your stories which accompany them are FUN to read and remind me of when I was a little girl and the bed time stories that my mom would tell. Your blog gives me the same warm fuzzy feeling whenever I visit, so Please don't stop blogging because Instagram may be
    quick and easy but your blogs are a treasured pleasure! :))


  19. Hi Jennifer! So glad you're posting again. And such good news, your're on Instagram, jayy! Will follow you straight away. I have two accounts in Instagram; you can find me with Sanneliisa (all sorts of photos) and Sanneliisa2 (mostly Blythe/Pullip/Tenten and their dollhouses and will now also publish 1:12 dollhouse pics there). Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Have a great summer!

  20. Instagram is awesome, I'm going to follow you there. I used to love Blythe dolls, never heard of these mini ones but they seem even cuter than the original. Looking forward to your giveaway!

  21. Your little dolls are so cute.
    Have a great summer, my dear friend.

  22. I always thought Blyth was so cute! My 1:12 dolls can wear some of her clothes. enjoy your gifts!

  23. I like very much your doll. She has wonderful dress I love it. and now I am following you on instagram.
    warm hugs
    it will be nice if you visit my blog too

  24. Adorable cette petite Blythe ^^

  25. All of your dolls are so cute as, I'm sure, all of the gifts you received....surely very well deserved!! Big hug!

  26. All your petite Blyth dolls are adorable! I'm sure you received beautiful
    well deserved gifts to be treasured. Enjoy all.
    Warm hugs,

  27. I am so glad you are on Instagram Jennifer! And welcome to the petite Blythe doll pool. It's very fun to collect them. I only have 2 petite blythe. Their size fits Sylvanian houses or any 1:12 miniature goods. So it's easy to find accessories for them.

  28. I have been thinking of trying Instagram for awhile now, but never get to it =) (So typical of me...) If I do, I'll start follow you there =)
    I love the petit Blythe too, but only got hold of one so far, but I keep looking for them, maybe I'll find one in a flee market someday =)
    Have a wonderful summer!

  29. Hellooo helloooo

    So glad to be back on track and catching up I missed all your adorable post. SO happy with your new interest...these little petitie blythes are really adorable. Have a beautiful SUmmer and loe to you!


  30. Hello Jennifer, I am very happy to know that you are committed to a new passion, I'm not on instagram but if you can see it with much pleasure your work!
    a big hug

  31. Hello Jennifer :D
    First I must say that your Petite Blythe collection is super pretty and cute ♥!
    Hehe and I loved your blog and Instagram, I'm already following you over there, and also on Pinterest ;D
    Greetings and have a wonderful weekend ♥~!

  32. Hi ! Thanks for your reply ^^ Oh this is just the truth, I like so much your creations **
    Oh thank you for my Pullips :) Yes I have an Instagram, this is : @BSangchu, I will see yours.
    See you later

    PS : sorry for my english.. x)

  33. I haven't been active online with blogging in quite a while, and reading your posts is always so nice. I love that you promote others so often. You're the best!

  34. Happy Four Years in Blogland! It's crazy how many bloggers there are today compared to four years ago. Thanks for sharing all the gifts you received- they look like a ton of fun! So nice to get packages instead of bills in the snail mail. :) Following you on IG now!

  35. NOOOOOOO, don't do it Miss J...I went searching for a blythe doll on the cheap and wound up addicted to thrift store Barbie/bratz/jem and various celeb dolls plus I have a whole stash of 1:12 dolls at the store for my San Franciscan that I cant even bring home..I seriously need a program for this addiction. (she's cute..but I wont look cause I'll wind up wanting her too..I need help) congrats on your 4 years :)


  36. Oh sh'es really cute with her little pink dress ♥ And i'm agree with you, they have a cute japanese head ;)

    Pullip Diaries / Queen Gaou

  37. Thank you so much for your compliments ! ^^

  38. Hello Jennifer !!
    Your blog is lovely !!
    I'm also on instagram and it is quite fun! We discover many things and exchange are simple and user-friendly!
    Also, the small Blythe is adorable !! Her dress is lovely !!
    See you soon!
    nb: I use Google translation because my English is not excellent!


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