Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two New Plushpussycat Birthday Cards!

Hi All! I've been working behind the scenes on some new greeting cards, which I'm really excited about. The first is called "Bluebelle's Birthday Party!" It features Bluebelle and Flossy with a homemade-style cake, balloons, party hats, and gifts. There's even a frog pillow on the chair! I had fun making the diorama box and some of the props, setting up the scene, and photographing the whole thing. Of course, Flossy and Bluebelle are my own critter creations too, needle felted a while back.

The second new birthday card is called "Sophie the Birthday Bear." It features my very own Sophie the bear wearing a beautiful dress made by my friend Agnes. Agnes also made the beautiful backdrop that Sophie is sitting in. I added many of my own touches, including the rabbit pillow, gifts, balloons, cake, and more. Styling and photographing this card was really fun too!

These two new birthday cards plus several updated blank and birthday cards are in stores now. You can see my whole line of greeting cards here or by clicking on the Greeting Card Gallery button above. To see the stores where Plushpussycat cards are available, click here, or click the Stores button above.

It's tax season again, and I am beginning to prepare for that, but it's also nearing another special time of year: February is my blog's five-year anniversary! I know, we just celebrated the four-year anniversary, lol, but in February we will have a fun giveaway to celebrate five years of blogging. So keep an eye out for the giveaway, OK? ;-) Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Shabby Chic Miniatures Book!

Hi Everyone! I recently received an advance copy of Monica Castillo's (Kitchen Miniature blog) new book, Kitchen Miniature: Kitchens With Soul, and I highly recommend it. Not only is the book full of adorable photos inside several of her miniature kitchens, but it also includes helpful advice for achieving the same effect in your own miniature kitchen scenes.

In her latest book, Monica advises the use of a number of elements for achieving that adorable shabby chic look that she is famous for. She also includes some delicious real-life recipes for making some of the tasty-looking miniature treats featured in her kitchen scenes. Yum yum!

I found her book to be both an enjoyable read and a visual treat. Check out Monica's new book in her Etsy shop, which also features yummy-looking mini foods for sale.

Next post I'll show you two new birthday cards that I recently designed. They're already back from the printer - yay! Until next time, keep it fun!  xoxo Jennifer