Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two New Plushpussycat Birthday Cards!

Hi All! I've been working behind the scenes on some new greeting cards, which I'm really excited about. The first is called "Bluebelle's Birthday Party!" It features Bluebelle and Flossy with a homemade-style cake, balloons, party hats, and gifts. There's even a frog pillow on the chair! I had fun making the diorama box and some of the props, setting up the scene, and photographing the whole thing. Of course, Flossy and Bluebelle are my own critter creations too, needle felted a while back.

The second new birthday card is called "Sophie the Birthday Bear." It features my very own Sophie the bear wearing a beautiful dress made by my friend Agnes. Agnes also made the beautiful backdrop that Sophie is sitting in. I added many of my own touches, including the rabbit pillow, gifts, balloons, cake, and more. Styling and photographing this card was really fun too!

These two new birthday cards plus several updated blank and birthday cards are in stores now. You can see my whole line of greeting cards here or by clicking on the Greeting Card Gallery button above. To see the stores where Plushpussycat cards are available, click here, or click the Stores button above.

It's tax season again, and I am beginning to prepare for that, but it's also nearing another special time of year: February is my blog's five-year anniversary! I know, we just celebrated the four-year anniversary, lol, but in February we will have a fun giveaway to celebrate five years of blogging. So keep an eye out for the giveaway, OK? ;-) Until next time, keep it fun! xoxo Jennifer


  1. Hi Jennifer! Your 2 New Greeting cards starring our Favorite Plushpussycat Cast, are Very Cute!!!! I know that you must have been really enjoying yourself putting these scenes together because you've included lots of pretty and girly items for each of them. And I LOVE Sophie's new outfit. It not only looks great on her but it reminds me of Springtime. Beautiful staging, photography and Happy up-coming 5 year anniversary! :D


  2. Lovely scenes. :) Oh my, what a cheeky and cute frog pillow!! Sophie's dress, made by your friend Agnes, is very pretty!

  3. Jennifer,

    You've been a very busy girl haven't you? I like your new cards! They are all so cute!

    - Momma Cat

    1. Hello Jennifer,
      silly blogger would not let me leave a comment in the comment box! The cards are lovely and so much fun. Your pictures are amazing.
      Big hug

  4. The new cards are very nice

  5. The new birthday cards are vey nice.

  6. Hola Jennifer, estas dos nuevas tarjetas son preciosas, te imagino colocando todos los regalos y diversiones para hacer las fotos! Un abrazo

  7. What gorgeous cards!!! I specially the second one, so sweet!

  8. I love your cards and Neus, they are fun and so sweet ... I hope you're lucky, sweet friend.
    A big hugs ;0)

  9. Cute cards! They're a great addition to your collection, which I get to see in my local store. These cards will make birthdays even more fun!

  10. Lovely scenes :) Sophie's dress is so adorable - love it (^^)
    Hugs, Irina

  11. Hello Jennifer, Your new cards are gorgeous. I love the scenes so cute and Sophie's dress is beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  12. Preciosas tarjetas. Has hecho unas bonitas escenas y los personajes posan de maravilla.

  13. The sweetest cards! Love your scenes and your adorable little cratures. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend. Pam in Norway xx

  14. They are wonderful!! I love the balloons especially!

  15. Hi Jennifer! I love your new cards, they are so adorable!
    Happy weekend my friend!

  16. Your newest ones are worth to join your collection of beautiful cards for sure... ;O) And there's no doubt you had lots of fun creating these lovely scenes... the pictures show it clearly, your cute girls looks so very happy enjoying their party - and not to forget Sophie looks very pretty in her new outfit.


  17. Замечательные поздравительные открытки!
    Хороших выходных!

  18. Your cards are so sweet, I'm glad I have a few now =) And I'm happy to see you sell them in several stores! =)

  19. I'm late to the parties! I hope there is still some cake!!!

    Wonderful shots the little ladies look very happy in their celebrations :)

    Mmmm cake!

  20. Oh my! The new cards are lovely ♥. I really like all the beautiful cards you create Jennifer :)
    And congratulations for the blog's 5 year anniversary ^.^/♥!!!
    PS. I think I'll try once again to create boots for Pullip; if the result is a success, I'll send you some on a happy mail hehe ;D

  21. Hello Jenn! long time no read!
    So glad for your 5 year anniversary on Plushpussycat :).
    I love the cards! in particular the 1st one and I got to tell you that Flossy wearing a ghost's costume was epic! her ears coming out! soo cute and swwet! it made me smile *giggles*

    Huge hug dear friend! enjoy nature! I've been doing this as well :)


  22. Your new cards are so cute and festive! The cake looks delicious and I can tell the critters are having a great time!

  23. I still have the cards you sent me when I won your give away they are wrapped in ribbon and put away in my memory box *because that was a good time in my life* I still smile when I look at them...I like the new ones but I love mine

    Marisa :)


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