Plushpussycat's Photo Stories

There are several storylines happening here at Plushpussycat. I've developed this page to make it easier to keep track of the various stories. Feel free to check here periodically to make sure you haven't missed any of the new posts in the storylines. You can also come back here to easily find and re-read your favorite episodes!

Reverse Chronological Order (Most Recent Story First)

Time to Meet the Shopkeeper (7/31/13)
Sophie Discovers a Cake Shop (7/19/13)
Surprise in the Carrot Patch  (4/13/13)
Just For Herself  (4/3/13)
Nice Neighbor Lady  (3/9/13)
Housewarming Gifts Plus Giveaway Winners  (2/16/13)
Valentine Friends  (2/13/13)
What Could Be More Cozy?  (2/9/13)
Anticipating a Visit  (2/2/13)
Cleaning the (Doll)house  (1/30/13)
New Dollhouse! A Mini Dream Come True  (1/26/13)
Happy Holidays From Cupcake Cottage  (12/21/12)
Her Best Christmas Ever  (12/19/12)
Waiting to Open the Presents  (12/15/12)
Meanwhile, in Dad's Dollhouse...  (11/28/12)
Thanksgiving at Cupcake Cottage  (11/20/12)
Halloween Party!  (10/31/12)
Halloween Preparations at Cupcake Cottage  (10/27/12)
Luna and Gino Make Friends  (8/18/12)
New Puppy in Cupcake Cottage!  (8/4/12)
Summer School for Raccoon  (7/4/12)
Cookie Fight!  (6/16/12)
Plushpussycat Momentarily Loses Her Purse  (6/4/12)
What She Really Wants  (5/19/12)
New Giveaway!  (1/7/12)
A Spot of Tea  (12/30/11)
Trick or Treat!  (10/31/11)
Raccoon Strikes Again!  (10/19/11)
Mischievous Raccoon  (9/29/11)
Favorite Mouse Plushy Photos  (8/19/11)
Banana Slug Plushy is a Calendar Girl!  (8/3/11)
A Love Letter  (8/1/11)
Bella and Bert Go on a Real Date  (7/13/11)
Tomcat Plushy is a Star!  (6/16/11)
I Will Not...  (5/31/11)
Bella the Bride Bunny Goes Shopping Part 3  (5/9/11)
Bella the Bride Bunny Goes Shopping Part 2  (4/28/11)
Bella the Bride Bunny Goes Shopping  (4/21/11)
New Bunny Plushy!  (4/8/11)
Conclusion: Houndstooth Pup and Raccoon (3/7/11)
Who Is Raccoon?  (3/5/11)
New Bear!  (3/1/11)
New Puppy!  (2/28/11)
Frogs!  (2/25/11)
Kitties First Date  (2/23/11)
Cute Mouse Vignettes, No Story  (2/21/11)

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