Multiple orgasm - in a woman and a man

Multiple orgasm – in a woman and a man. How to achieve?

  • Multiple orgasm is maximum sexual pleasure, experienced again and again, without interruption of activity.
  • The so-called cascading orgasm is more common and easier for women, but it is also possible for men.
  • The secret of multiple orgasm for women lies in maintaining the tension in the plateau phase and the continuation of gentle caresses, while for men it is about disconnecting the mechanisms of orgasm and ejaculation.

What is multiple orgasm?

Multiple orgasm is often called cascading, as successive climaxes of pleasure come in waves, one after another, without interrupting the sexual act, without a moment’s respite.

Peaks can occur at intervals of a few seconds, but also several minutes or longer. It all depends on the way and pace of stimulation, libido, excitability, emotional state and many other variables.

In the case of women, the factor that determines the possibility of experiencing a cascade orgasm is the ability to climax at all. If there are no dysfunctions in this area, achieving pleasure remains a matter of willingness, skills, experience, etc.

For men, getting to the top is usually easier, but it is definitely harder to climax again and again. The secret to multiple orgasms in men lies in the ability to hold back ejaculation, which is possible, but usually requires a lot of experience.

Multiple orgasm in a woman

Climaxing in women is very individual in nature – the range of sensations is very wide, as is the number of roads leading to the goal. There is an orgasm :

  • vaginal, which is the result of stimulation of various parts of the vagina, including the so-called G-spot, located on the front wall, about 3 cm from the entrance, or the A-point, located very deep, near the cervix;
  • clitoral, for years considered “less valuable” but easier to achieve, today, however, enjoy the status of full-fledged;
  • anal, involving anal sphincters and nerve endings in the vagina, which is separated from the anus by only one thin wall, difficult to achieve, rare, but usually very strong.

Multiple orgasm in a woman is often possible thanks to a combination of various stimulation techniques, vaginal orgasm is relatively often followed by clitoral climax – provided that the appropriate level of sexual tension is maintained.

How to achieve multiple orgasms?

To better understand the mystery of multiple orgasm in women, one should refer to the classic theories describing the successive phases of the sexual act, such as the concept of W. Masters and V. Johnson. It involves successive stages of excitement, plateau, orgasm, and relaxation.

The second one is crucial in this case. Plateau literally means a plateau, and in sexology – a persistent state of high excitement, with increased muscle tone, accelerated heart rate and increased pressure.

To a large extent, the answer to the question of how to achieve multiple orgasms in women boils down to the following tips:

  • do not allow the body to go into the relaxation phase;
  • keep erotic tension at a plateau level;
  • after reaching orgasm, continue intercourse or caressing, possibly modifying their technique or intensity.

It is worth taking care of a varied stimulation of the vagina, clitoris, perhaps the anus or other particularly sensitive places. In particular, after an orgasm, it is worth focusing on caressing the clitoris – delicate, not necessarily direct.

In such a situation, additional stimuli can be provided by erotic accessories – various types of vibrators and dildos are perfect for continuing the love game without a moment’s break.

Multiple orgasm - in a woman and a manMultiple orgasm in a man

The road leading to male orgasm is simpler, less varied, more mechanical. Although this is a far-reaching generalization, it can be said that in many cases a mechanical, rhythmic stimulation of the member is sufficient – during intercourse, oral sex or masturbation .

In most cases, after experiencing the final pleasure, the man is not able to continue his activity for some time. However, this does not have to be the case, multiple orgasms in a man are possible, although technically difficult to achieve.

The key is to understand that while orgasm is usually accompanied by ejaculation, these processes are not the same. It is the ejaculation, not the orgasm itself, that causes the strong relaxation after intercourse.

Therefore, if both mechanisms can be detached from each other, stopping ejaculation, the man will be able to continue, even after climax.

Holding ejaculation and multiple orgasms in a man

Holding ejaculation and multiple orgasms for a man are doable, but it takes practice and self-denial.

Ejaculation can be inhibited, but in order to achieve successive peaks, one should not necessarily resort to the classic methods of delaying ejaculation, such as pressing the penis or the area between the penis and the testicles.

This type of manipulation can effectively stop not only the ejaculation, but also the orgasm itself.

Instead, men are advised to work on their pelvic floor muscle strength and awareness, and to use meditation techniques to achieve increased control over their body and its responses.